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Beautiful Love Poems

Comfort Of Your Love

Oh, how wonderful it is that love can be a comfort in a stormy night — a source of strength when you feel like the world is crushing in on you and you feel like everything’s too much to take.

Love is hope, it allows one to go past beyond their fears and face the uncertainties of tomorrow. It builds up one’s faith and warms the heart.

Holding one’s heart and soul with love is something to cherish — let the love flourish as the new day starts.
Whisper words of love to your special someone every day and browse through 1Love Poems’ collection of poems for inspiration.

Author: Sunday B. Fakus

You buried my shame in the depth of the sea
And cast my fears to the bed of the ocean.
You carried my hopes to the end of the earth
And enriched my pride with the fruits of love.
As far as the east is from the west,
You removed past guilt from my mind.
As far as the heaven is from the earth,
You sever shame from the contents of my thoughts.
As you build up my faith, mountain high,
You deeply warm my heart with a wondrous smile.
And now, being crowned in the comfort of your love,
You make me rollick in the safety of your arms.

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