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Beautiful Love Poems


Changes are constant — it is inevitable. It can happen in a blink of an eye and we should always be ready for what’s to come.

Even with love, changes are always present. One day you’re in love and the next day you woke up realizing that the feelings weren’t the same.

Are you this point in your life where you feel like love is no longer the same? Let that someone now because it is better to be honest than comfort him with lies.

Write to him, explaining the changes to how you feel. This poem from 1Love Poem can be your guide, your inspiration in finding the courage to embrace the changes.

Author: Angela B.

Can you solve for me a mystery
Of why things have to change
Why is life so complicated
Why can’t things stay the same
I understand that people grow
And often grow apart
But why did it have to be you
When I had given you my heart
I held inside my feelings
Never told you how I feel
But I need to tell you somehow
That I know this could be real
You have a special something
I just can’t figure out
But I know that it could work
That’s what love’s about
I’ll keep inside my feelings
I just can’t let you know
Because of what will happen
You’ll change and then you’ll go.

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