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Togetherness Being with You Poems

Being with You
Being with you, my dearest love, is where my heart finds peace,
In every smile, in every touch, my joys and sorrows cease.
With you, the world’s a brighter place, each moment pure delight,
In your embrace, I find my grace, beneath the stars so bright.
Being with you, through night and day, my soul feels so complete,
For in your love, I’ve found my home, a love so true and sweet.

Our Time Together
With every second spent with you, my heart learns how to sing,
A melody of purest love, that makes my spirit spring.
Being with you, in laughter’s light, or in the quiet calm,
Your presence is my guiding star, my heart’s most treasured psalm.
In every glance, in every word, your love is all I see,
For being with you, my dearest one, is where I’m meant to be.

Moments with You
Being with you, my heart’s delight,
Turns mundane days to purest light.
Your presence, a soothing balm,
My world transformed by your calm.
In every laugh, in every smile,
Being with you makes life worthwhile.
Through highs and lows, through joy and pain,
With you, my love, I’ll always remain.
Your touch, a comfort, soft and kind,
Brings peace and ease to my mind.
In your embrace, I find my home,
With you, my heart will never roam.
Each moment spent with you is gold,
A precious memory to hold.
Being with you, my love, my friend,
Is a joy that knows no end.
So here’s to us, with hearts so true,
My life complete, just being with you.
Together, we’ll face whatever comes,
In love’s sweet symphony, two hearts, one drum.

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