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Beautiful Love Poems


One of the most difficult things about love is loving someone from afar — loving someone without letting them know.

Because love, deserves to be heard, and just like pain, it demands to be felt. Hiding behind a cloak and never telling your feelings for someone can be frustrating and lonely.

Why not take up the courage to step out there, face your fears, and let that special someone know how you truly feel?

Write him words of love — express yourself through 1Love Poems’ collection of poems.

You can even compose one poem each day and get inspiration from 1Love Poems’ collection.

Author: Unknown

Hiding below the surface of reality
Have found refugee in the hands of fantasy
Illusion is what lies ahead
Stimulating my crazy head

The clock tic tacs as the time passes away
All I can think is you in my memory
In my soul you’ve been engraved, deep within
And keep you there, odd things between

Can’t seem to touch with my grasp
I can’t longer hold on with my clasp
It is strange you’re not so far
It is shows that you really are

Cool exterior is my false façade
Like a pompous admiration is what I hide
Can’t stop to think of you everyday
It turns out I am already in disarray
Your voice is like a gentle whisper
Your thoughts always made me wonder
Your smile if the curable answer
To all these things that makes me whimper

I am embrace with invisibility
I have this unnoticed agility
Invaded by hollowness
Torn asunder thoughts, its craziness

Sometimes I think your mirage, a illusion
Ironically you have a different devotion
Don’t know when to get it all out in these walls
Confuse and sandwich still between truth and false

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