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Beautiful Love Poems

Rekindled Love Back to Me Poems

Back to Me
Come back to me, my love, my heart, where once we stood so strong,
Retrace the steps, the tender paths, where memories belong.
The days have stretched, the nights grown cold, without your warm embrace,
Yet in my dreams, I see you still, I long to see your face.
So journey back, through time and space, return to where we start,
Come back to me, where love’s pure light can mend this aching heart.

Return of Love
Back to me, my dearest one, come home to where you’re missed,
The days have been so empty, since the last time we kissed.
With every beat, my heart repeats the longing of your name,
And in the silence of the night, I burn with love’s own flame.
Return to me, through winds and tides, through every stormy sea,
For here my soul awaits your touch, to set my spirit free.

Return to Heart
In the silence of the night,
I long for you, a distant light.
Your presence felt in every thought,
The love we shared, the battles fought.
Come back to me, my heart implores,
Through time and space, through distant shores.
The void you left, a hollow space,
Filled with memories, your warm embrace.
Each day without you, shadows grow,
In dreams, your face, a constant glow.
Return to me, and heal this pain,
Together let us love again.
I’ll wait for you, with patient heart,
Until the day we’re not apart.
For in your arms, I find my home,
No longer in this world to roam.
So come back to me, my love, my dear,
And whisper words I long to hear.
In your return, my soul will find,
The peace and love we’ve intertwined.

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