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Beautiful Love Poems

Antidote Love Poem

Feeling strongly for someone and you don’t know where to start or let alone express how strongly you feel towards him? Or are you feeling broken and you’d like to express then pain inside your heart through writing?

Here’s an inspiring love poem to help you go through the process of loving, getting hurt, questioning yourself, acceptance, and setting yourself free.

1Love Poems is home to numerous love poems to keep your thoughts and inspiration running through your heart and soul. Browse through their collection of love poems today to get more ideas to help you get starting with your writing.

Antidote Love Poem By J.H

As I lay in the darkness,
I wait for her to free me,
Free me from my fears, my worries,
Time slows down when she is near,
For she is the key that opens the lock,
The one that holds the chains down on me.
I am finally set free, but I am empty inside,
I cannot find a way through this lonely life of mine,
For I cannot find my heart,
It was lost in time, torn to pieces,
The same one I left open to the world.
I am now with her, my heroin, my savior,
She has found the pieces,
One by one she puts them together,
I will never feel lonely again,
For she has given me a reason,
A reason to keep living, a reason to never give up love.

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