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Beautiful Love Poems

All Dreamers Understand

Dreamers would understand how love feels when they close their eyes and sleep soundly at night. The face of the person they love, smiling at them, reassuring that love will stay until the morning light.

Like a romantic book that tells the story about how beautiful love can be — dreamers know how exciting closing their eyes can be, with the thought of dreaming about their special someone, something worth keeping, a memory worth saving.

How love matters so much, especially when shared with the person you love most. Read our love poems for your daily inspiration here at 1Love Poems.

Author: Joyce Hemsley

Our love was a romantic book
from the sacred day we met,
your gentle charm enthralled me
from then-on the scene was set:
A sunny day, a rainy day,
it mattered not to me,
if I could see your happy face
and walk and talk with thee.
When snow was falling from the sky
and chilly breezes blew,
were it not for your embrace
I’d pine the whole day through.
So now we are alone my love
I offer you my hand,
to join with yours in wedlock
as all “dreamers” understand.

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