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A Special Day To Remember

Days pass by so quickly and sometimes we lose track of all the memories, special ones that are worth remembering. We all have dive into the busy corners of our days.

Just like this poem of helping you remember the important days — the day you met the person who walks into your life and makes everything colorful and worth waking up to a brand new day.

If you ask me, a special day with someone you love is far more important compared to all the other days without him. Read to them our collection of poems here at 1Love Poems today.

Author: Gabor Timis, copyright 2016

I remember that very special day.
The day you walked into my life so pleasantly
and then you took my breath away.
It was the mysterious hand of destiny.
There was an empty place inside of my soul
as I was wandering in life so aimlessly,
but you showed me the way, you made me whole.
It was truly meant to be, unmistakably.
Where there was only sorrow and sadness,
your sweet angelic presence changed it all
to give me hope, love and happiness.
It was a miracle to be cherished forevermore.
At first I thought it was just a dream,
an illusion certain to simply go away.
But it was the day of pure luck gone extreme,
a day so special, its memory never to decay.
Yes, I will always remember that day, my dear.
You became part of my life, my true soulmate.
You gave me love and chased away my fear.
Now and forever we are joined in love and fate.

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