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Beautiful Love Poems


Ever thought how a single rose can make a huge difference in two people’s lives? How it can start and love’s fire and keep it burning. A single rose may seem simple and traditional, but it is considered an essence of love and passion.

A single rose can brighten someone’s day and make her feel special, feel cared for, and loved. Rose signifies love, strong emotions, and passions and these inspire people to fall in love and appreciate everything love can do — everything love can give.

Let this poem about a single rose from 1Love Poems inspire you and hold on to your special someone’s love.

Author: Stephen Kreska

A Single rose of love
A Single rose of devotion
A Single wish upon my lips
A Single thought of you
A Single desire to be granted
A Single moment of careless bliss
A Single love never to be broken
A Single rose for one last kiss.

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