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Beautiful Love Poems

A Passionate Kiss

This poem is about the author’s interpretation of a passionate kiss, of how intimate a kiss can be between two people who are in love.

Love and passion that builds to a kiss, a kiss that ignites the fire in their hearts and connects their souls. A passionate kiss that is fueled by love.

A dream to share with a special someone and getting lost in the night but finding each other as they traverse the stars in the evening sky towards the sunlight of a brand new day.

Read this poem from our collection here at 1Love Poems and let your love radiate a soft and passionate kiss with your special someone.

Author: Gabriela

A passionate night between me and you
I can’t begin to tell you the things I want to do.
First we can dim the lights and get closer…..
No, wait, that’s too fast, let’s go back
and move a little slower.
I’ll kiss your lips that are so soft and sweet,
then move on to your cheek that’s so smooth and unique.
Then I’ll move right along that little ear of yours…
Whoa… my, my… let me move along your chest…
Uh, oh I missed a spot, let me move back up to the neck
As I move my tongue around and around
you start to feel it as I go down slowly
and as I kiss your chest your hands go up
…but I’m not finished yet….
I go further down towards your navel…
As I move down past your waist line I begin to kiss….
Oh, I just wake up to realize it’s a dream !
A passionate dream fueled by my deep love for you.

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