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Love Poems For Her

True Loves Gift

Author: Matthew Richardson

There was once a time my heart was stone,
Nothing could get by the walls that I made
Crying myself to sleep on each cold night,
My soul filled up with sadness, pain and fright.
I could see no hope for me in my life,
No joy, no happiness, just an empty shell,
Nothing had meaning, no peace just war,
I wanted to give up, I wanted no more.
Then all of a sudden you came into my life
All of my fears disappeared with your smile
When you looked into my eyes, I found peace
My heart filled with joy, all my pain did cease.
Many men have seen angels but I have seen you,
Youre more beautiful than all the stars combined,
My hearts not cold anymore, the stone has crumbled away
My life began again on this wonderful, bright day.
I walk with a smile, a spring in my step
A song in my heart, a light in my soul
I am happy now, you’ve changed my life for good
Im flying in the clouds, reach the stars I could.
You are my fantasy, my reality and everything in between
I feel alive for the first time ever, I feel so much
Emotions deeper than ever before, passion so intense
Everything seems so clear, but yet nothing seems to make sense.
When you hold me close in your arms,
The world just melts away around me,
There is nowhere else I’d rather be,
Looking deep in your eyes, my heart at last is free.
Before I met you I knew only darkness,
Now I see nothing but light,
My heart is flying over mountain and hill
I love you forever, and I always will.

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