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Love Poems For Her


Author: R.C.B.

Sorry, for the way I stare
Forgive me, for the way I think of you
Pardon me, for dreaming all about you
And do understand, the way I love you
If you just knew what it is like this way
I shiver when you’re near
I stare at you just to seize the day
I act so strange if you’re around
I feel my heart smile when I see you
I brag endlessly uttering words about you
And I’d be hurt just the thought you can’t be mine
If you just knew how long I’ve been hidin’
The secret of my affection, admiration I have
I never want you to notice
That I’m simply falling in love
But I hate the way I feel this pain
The pain, the fear of not wanting you to know
Or even just to give you a single clue
For I fear to face rejection and humiliation
If I’d think about how I acted when you’re near
I think I’m gonna regret those things
Coz I assume I got lost that moment
Trembling, gasping for what to do and say
If I just knew how to be myself with you
If only I knew what’s in your mind
Then, I didn’t have to act someone else
If tomorrow comes that you’d learn
The way I see you, the way I feel for you
Please…I never want you to turn away
Let me love the sight of you
I’m really glad to have found you
I confess, that it hurts so bad falling for you
I can never grace my heart way to you
I guess I have to stay this way
With your presence so heart away
I’d be unnoticed, unseen and unloved by you
I do hope it’s alright
If I’d be loving you silently
You don’t have to worry
I have nothing to ask for
Although I know it can’t be
Just let me be this way
Maybe for a while, for a moment
Or maybe it could be forever.

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