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Reading poems improves your memory and critical thinking. It develops your insight and empathy, encouraging your own self to be more sensitive to your needs and emotions.

If you can express yourself, your feelings, and emotions in a deeper and more profound way, it adds more meaning to what you’re trying to say.

To dream at night about someone you love and be able to write it down and think about it through. Someone who makes your heart skip a beat.

Someone who makes your soul smile. Write that person a version of your own poem, inspired by the poems we have here at 1Love Poems.

Author: Ursula

Your the one in my dreams at night,
while stars shine and in my mind good things twine.
Every night I wish to see you,
to hold you and feel you.
But yet these things I never show,
I just want you to know that they are there.
For you when you’re in spare for love.
And so I end in my deepest reget
that I waited so long to show my love to you.
But you mean more to me than anything.

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