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Love Poems For Her

If Once I Had Loved You

Was your heart torned into pieces by someone you trusted and loved? Now, you’re left alone, asking what wrong you’ve done to deserve this.

With a simple fight, he’s left you and let you crying, a lot of questions afloat in the night. Some may think that it’s just a broken heart, but sometimes wounds like that is difficult to mend.

You once loved that person, whom you give your all and cared for. Now, it’s time to set him free and your heart too.

Mend your broken heart, read our collection of poem here at 1Love Poems to help you believe that there’s one loving heart for you.

Author: Allison Gerke

If once I had loved you,
and trusted you with my heart.
Why did you tear it apart?
If once I had loved you,
with all my good will.
Why did it all spill?
If once I had loved you,
and watched you in teh night.
Why was there that fight?
But If once I hadn’t loved you,
and made you my eternal life.
Would I have been your wife?
And If once I hadn’t loved you,
and I let my heart be free.
Would you have belonged to me?
But, once I did love you,
Regret that? I don’t.
Love you again? I won’t.

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