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Love Poems For Her

Give Me Your Word

Are words really enough to represent one’s heart, one’s desires? Can words sink into the depths of one’s soul when you need for that person to feel you and see you?

Yes, words are enough but only if those words have enough meaning, words that came from love and from your heart. There are times when words come out empty, lacking substance.

Words of true love, of genuine love, that’s how your words can get through to someone you feel strongly. Yes, tell him words of love, whisper to them the way your heart would.

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Author: Tennessee Ernie Ford

Give me your word
Our love will never die.
Give me your word
You feel the same as I.
My heart will beat a lifetime, just for you
That’s all it wants to do.
Give me your lips
And let your kiss remain.
Give me your word
I’m not in love in vain.
Give me one hope to guide me
One vow you’ll be beside me.
Give me your word.

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