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Beautiful Love Poems

Poems Footprints In The Sand

Author: Anthony Rivera

Take a walk with me,
A walk across the land.
I’ll guide you, every step,
Leave our footprints in the sand.
We’ll walk towards the sun,
In the middle of the day.
We’ll smile at the moon,
As the day fades away.
If the night gets too cold,
And your body starts to shake,
I’ll hold you in my arms,
Until the morning starts to break.
Never will you be alone,
I will always hold your hand,
I will guide you, every step,
Leave our footprints in the sand.
Lets walk across the land,
And into each other’s hearts.
Lets share this world together,
And never grow apart.
I love you more than words,
Just walk with me and see.
This life is yours and mine,
You’ll see we’re meant to be.
We’ll show the world our love,
As we walk across this land.
Our love will truly show,
With our footprints in the sand …

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