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Loss and Grief

Dead Beat Dads: Absent Fathers Who Fail Their Children

Absent fathers, their love forever missed – poems about deadbeat dads.

Welcome to our collection of poems about dead beat dads on 1LovePoems! We understand that not all fathers are created equal, and unfortunately, some fall short of their responsibilities. Our page features a range of witty, insightful, and heartfelt poems that explore the complex emotions that come with absent fathers. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the words of poets who know all too well the pain of growing up without a dad who cared.

Short Poems

1. “Absence”
Absent father, oh how you’re missed
Never here, a mere checklist
Failed to teach, failed to show
What it means for love to grow

2. “Forgotten”
Forgotten father, who are you?
Stranger’s face, this much is true
Alone, I’ll learn to be strong
Without you, I’ll carry on

3. “Regret”
Regretful father, too little too late
Apologies just a feeble escape
Lonely nights, missed memories
Your absence an unforgivable disease

4. “Abandoned”
Abandoned father, you left your mark
Empty words, on a cold, dark bark
A son left to fight and fend
Without a father, his life to tend.

Medium Poems

1. “The Absent Father”

I searched for you, but you were never there,
A gaping hole, your absence everywhere.
I longed for your love, your care, your attention,
But instead, I found neglect and apprehension.

You chose not to be a part of my life,
No comfort, no guidance, no help through strife.
You left me with wounds that never fully heal,
And a pain in my heart that I always feel.

I know now that you were not worth the chase,
Your selfishness, your cowardice, your disgrace.
But still, I wonder what life would have been,
If only you had been the father I’ve seen in my dreams.

2. “The Dead Beat Dad”

You’re a deadbeat dad, that much is sure,
A heartless man with no love to pour.
You turned your back on your own kin,
Betrayal, shame, your only sin.

No phone calls, no visits, no support,
You left the burden to those left to sort.
With no responsibility, you live life free,
While your kids suffer the scars you can’t see.

You missed the days of first steps and words,
The milestones gone, your absence blurred.
You’ll never know the pride of a child’s success,
Or the joy of a hug, the warmth of their caress.

Deadbeat dad, you broke my heart,
Your actions speak louder than any part.
You can’t change what’s already been done,
But I sure wish you had been a better one.

Long Poems


I am but a boy, a little lost soul,
For my father, he left, and he gave me no goal.
I was too young, too naive to understand,
He walked out on us, took off and left this land.

My mother, she struggled, to survive on her own,
But I was too young to work, to bring money home.
So we made do with what we had, we scraped and we saved,
But my father, he never cared, he never gave.

The months turned to years, and I grew up fatherless,
I had no one to guide me, to teach me or bless.
With no role model, no point of reference or guide,
I struggled alone, to figure out life’s ride.

My mother, she did her best, but she couldn’t fill that void,
The pain of a father’s betrayal, could not be avoided.
I longed for his presence, his love and his smile,
But my father, he chose to walk that extra mile.

I heard rumors and whispers, of his new life and dreams,
But I was just a distant memory, or so it seemed.
He had a new family, a wife and other children too,
And I was just a footnote, in his life’s review.

The pain of a father’s absence, cut deep and hard,
I struggled with anger, and bitterness in my heart.
Why had he left us, why did he not care,
I deserved better, but my father was not there.

Now, as a man, I try to heal that wounded part,
To find forgiveness, and peace within my heart.
But the memories of pain, the echoes of the past,
Remind me of what was lost, of what could not last.

So, to all the fathers out there, who choose to walk away,
Remember the price you’ll pay, every single day.
For the scars you leave behind, the pain and regret,
Will last a lifetime, and never forget.

Fatherhood is a privilege, not a given right,
To be a role model, to show love and light.
So be there for your children, in good times and bad,
For a fatherless child, is a soul that’s sad.

Deadbeat Dad

You were supposed to be my father,
But you chose to walk away.
Leaving me with a void so wide,
That grows with each passing day.

I remember the days when you were around,
But long gone are those times.
You left my mother to fend for us,
Sowing seeds of destruction and crimes.

You never cared about our needs,
Or the pain that you caused each day.
All you cared about was your own pleasures,
Living your life in your own way.

Our birthdays were just another day,
No cards, no presents, no love to share.
You left us to face this world alone,
Without guidance, support or care.

I used to cry myself to sleep at night,
Wondering why you never reached out.
But now I know that you don’t deserve,
My love or forgiveness, without a doubt.

So here I am, standing tall and strong,
A survivor of your neglect and abandonment.
I vow to never be like you,
And to never cause anyone such heartrending torment.

So goodbye, deadbeat dad, I wish you well,
Though I know you don’t deserve my blessings.
I’ll make my own way in this world,
Filled with hopes, dreams, and better beginnings.

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