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Turkey Trot: Fun and Playful Poems for Preschoolers

Gobble Up some Fun with Turkey Poems for Preschoolers!

Welcome to our turkey poems for preschoolers page on 1LovePoems! We’ve got a gobbling-good variety of cute and funny poems for your little ones to enjoy. Whether your child is excited for Thanksgiving or just has a soft spot for our feathered friends, these poems are sure to delight. So, grab a turkey leg (or a snack that isn’t a turkey leg) and let’s dive in!

Short Poems

1. Gobble Gobble Turkey
Gobble gobble turkey,
Waddling all around.
Feathers soft and colorful,
Making unique sounds.

2. Thanksgiving Feast
The smell of turkey fills the air,
Along with stuffing, mashed potatoes and more to share.
With family and friends gathered near,
We give thanks for everything we hold dear.

3. Turkey Trot
Let’s all do the Turkey Trot,
With feathers in our hair.
We’ll waddle and we’ll shake our hips,
Like turkeys who don’t have a care.

4. Little Turkey
Little turkey, oh so small,
With feathers short and sweet.
You may be baby-sized,
But you make our feast complete.

Medium Poems

Gobble Gobble Turkey

Gobble gobble turkey,
Big and brown and fine,
Walking round the farmyard,
With feathers oh so fine.

Gobble gobble turkey,
Strutting here and there,
Round and round he goes,
With not a single care.

Gobble gobble turkey,
Looking oh so proud,
Eating bugs and corn,
And feeling quite endowed.

Gobble gobble turkey,
Such a sight to see,
Big and brown and handsome,
As he moves quite gracefully.

Turkey Day Fun

Turkey day is here,
And we’re having lots of fun,
Eating food and drinks,
And playing in the sun.

We’re dancing and we’re singing,
Making memories that last,
Showing gratitude and thankfulness,
And having a blast.

Turkey day is special,
A time to come together,
To celebrate and share,
In joys that last forever.

So let’s enjoy our turkey,
And all the fixings too,
And give thanks for everything,
That makes our hearts renewed.

Long Poems

Gobble Gobble Turkey Time

Gobble gobble, it’s turkey time,
Our feathered friend is quite sublime,
With feathers brown and wings so wide,
The turkey struts with such pride.

In the barnyard, the turkey roams,
And gobbles loudly, with no combs,
A funny looking turkey bird,
With a waddling walk that’s quite absurd.

As Thanksgiving Day draws near,
The turkey senses something to fear,
For on this day, he’s the main course,
A feast for all, a turkey force.

But let’s not think of that right now,
Let’s admire the turkey with a bow,
For he’s a special bird indeed,
A symbol of American creed.

So let’s give thanks for this turkey,
And all the wonderful things we see,
Gobble gobble, turkey time,
A special day that’s simply divine.

The Turkey’s Big Day

Gobble, gobble, gobble,
Turkey’s here, don’t be shy.
Let’s learn all about him,
Before he says goodbye.

Mr. Turkey’s feathers,
Are colorful and bright.
Red, orange, and yellow,
They’re such a pretty sight.

But what’s the turkey doing,
On this November day?
He’s getting ready for a feast,
That’s coming right his way.

The Thanksgiving meal is planned,
With mashed potatoes and gravy.
And don’t forget the stuffing,
It makes Turkey’s day less wavy.

He wants to be the star,
Of the dinner table scene.
So he’s practicing his strut,
To show off his feathers sheen.

But little ones beware,
Of Mr. Turkey’s game.
Lest you become his meal,
And he gets all the fame.

So let’s give thanks for Turkey,
And all the joy he brings.
This holiday season,
Let’s make his gobbles ring!

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