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10 Sight Word Poems to Help Your Child Learn

See and Believe: Sight Word Poems for Kids and Adults

Welcome to our Sight Word Poems page on 1LovePoems! Here, we’ve compiled a collection of witty and fun poems to help children memorize important sight words. From pre-K to elementary school, our poems will cover a range of ages and reading levels so there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a teacher, parent, or just someone who loves words, we think you’ll enjoy these quirky and memorable poems. So come on in and let’s start learning those Sight Words!

Short Poems

1. “Sunshine”
Sunshine, sunshine
Warm and bright
Your rays bring joy
To my heart and sight.

2. “Playtime”
Playtime, playtime
Running wild and free
My laughter echoes
As I swing from the tree.

3. “Friendship”
Friendship, friendship
A bond that will last
With kindness and love
Our memories are vast.

4. “Dreams”
Dreams, dreams
Where my mind takes flight
Endless possibilities
Bursting with pure delight.

Medium Poems

1. “The Park”

In the park we play and run,
Underneath the bright warm sun.
Swinging high on the swings,

A happy sound its swishing brings.

In the sand we build and dig,
And slide down the slide so big.
All our friends are here to play,
In the park where we spend our day.

2. “Rainy Day”

Rain comes down and splashes on the street,
Pitter patter we hear as it greets.
We stay inside and read a book,
As the rain falls with a rhythmic hook.

Cozy and warm by the fireplace,
We watch the rain sprinkle on the terrace.
The sound of the rain is soothing and calm,
As we wait for the storm to be gone.

3. “Butterfly”

Butterfly, butterfly, flutter by,
With your wings up in the sky,
A flash of orange, yellow and black,
So light, quiet and relaxed.

Butterfly, butterfly, dance and play,
Making the flowers look so gay.
From one flower to another you fly,
With grace and beauty like a butterfly.

Long Poems

The Wondrous World of Sight Words

Sight words, sight words,
They are everywhere,
In stories and poems,
And on signs everywhere.

Some are easy to learn,
Like “a” and “the”,
But others take practice,
Like “because” and “me”.

They help us read and write,
And understand what we see,
Without them, we’d be lost,
In a world of confusion, you see.

So let’s learn them today,
And use them with pride,
In all of our writing,
And in talking so wise.

Sight words, sight words,
We can’t live without,
Let’s learn them and use them,
And watch our minds shout!

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