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First Grade Fun: Creative Poems by Young Minds

Tiny Voices, Big Feelings: Heartwarming Poems by First Graders

Welcome to 1LovePoems, where we believe that love can be expressed in many different ways, including through poetry! On this page, you’ll find a variety of heartwarming and hilarious poems all written by talented first graders. From sweet love notes to silly rhymes, these little poets have truly captured the essence of what it means to love and be loved. So whether you’re feeling sentimental or just need a good chuckle, read on for some truly adorable and entertaining poetry!

Short Poems

My Pet Cat
My pet cat is soft and furry,
She likes to play and is never in a hurry,
She curls up in my lap and purrs,
And makes me happy without any blurs.

Green Trees
Green trees sway in the breeze,
They give us shade and help us breathe,
Their leaves rustle and dance,
As we watch them in a trance.

Raindrops fall from the sky,
Making everything fresh and spry,
Pitter-patter they go on the roof,
And quench the earth’s thirst to the proof.

Butterfly with wings so bright,
Flits from flower to flower in sight,
Its colors are so pretty and true,
Making the garden a sight anew.

Medium Poems

My Dog
My dog’s name is Spot
He’s really quite a bot
He wags his tail and licks my face
And loves to run around the place

Sometimes he barks at the mailman
But mostly he just loves to play with a can
I love my dog so much, you see
He’s the best pet for me!

Rainy Day
When it’s raining outside
And I can’t go for a ride
I snuggle up with a book
And take a cozy look

I listen to the raindrops
As they pitter and patter on the rooftop
I love how the world feels fresh and new
And I feel so cozy, too!

Growing Garden
I planted some seeds in the dirt
And watered them until they started to flirt
With the sun and the sky and the air
And they grew up tall and oh so fair

Now I have a garden to tend
And I love to watch it blend
With the colors of the sky and the sun
My garden has so much fun!

Long Poems

The Wonderful World

In this world we live,
So many things to give,
Each day is a new adventure,
Filled with excitement and pleasure.

The sun shines bright,
The sky so blue and light,
Birds flying high,
In the world up in the sky.

The flowers bloom,
Their sweet fragrance fills the room,
The grass so green,
It’s the prettiest thing we’ve ever seen.

The trees so tall,
Providing shade to all,
The leaves rustling in the breeze,
Like music they play with ease.

The animals all around,
Making their beautiful sound,
From the cows, pigs, and sheep,
To the birds, cats, and the little peep.

The rivers flow,
To the ocean they go,
The waves so strong,
Like a never-ending song.

The people we meet,
So many characters we greet,
Each one special in their own way,
Like a shining star in the Milky Way.

In this wonderful world we live,
So many things to give,
We should cherish every moment,
And appreciate the gifts that the world has sent.

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