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Fun and Creative Concrete Poems for Kids | Express Your Imagination with Unique Layouts

Concrete Poetry: Fun and Creative Poems for Kids

Welcome to our Concrete Poems for Kids page on 1LovePoems! This page is dedicated to showcasing a range of poems with a fun twist – they’re all in the shape of their subject matter! Whether it’s a poem about a tree, a cloud, or even a skateboard, these poems are sure to bring a smile to your face. So buckle up and get ready for some creative wordplay in the form of concrete poetry!

Short Poems

1. “Bubble Bath”
Soft, sudsy water
Caressing my fragile skin
A bubble kingdom

2. “Sidewalk Chalk”
Crayons on pavement
Colors bright, bold, and vivid
Creating street art

3. “Raindrops”
Pitter-patter sound
Tiny raindrops touch my face
April showers bring…

4. “Fireworks”
Explosions of light
Bright colors in the night sky
Celebration time!

Medium Poems

1. “Rainbow”
Red, orange, yellow, green,
Blue, indigo, violet sheen.
Colors arcing through the sky,
A wondrous sight to catch the eye.

2. “Tree”
A trunk to stand tall and proud,
With branches reaching out like a shroud.
Leaves stretching to the sun,
Providing shade for everyone.

3. “Fish”
Fins flapping in the water,
Swimming with grace like a long lost daughter.
Gills breathing in and out,
A peaceful creature without a doubt.

Long Poems

My Journey Through the Forest

Through the winding trees I wander
Exploring every path I ponder
Each step I take, I am in awe
Of the beauty that I saw

The leaves above dance in the breeze
As sunlight filters through the trees
Birds chirp and flutter their wings
As I venture through different things

I come across a gentle stream
Where the water glistens and gleams
Fish swim in the clear blue water
Gliding under rocks and arbour

Further down the path I see
A family of deer frolicking free
Their eyes full of wonder and delight
As I capture their image in sight

Butterflies flutter around my head
As I sit by the riverbed
Their colorful wings reflect in the light
Creating a magnificent sight

As the day turns into night
I lay down and watch the stars light
Thinking about the journey I’ve been
Wondering what wonders tomorrow will bring

Thus my journey through the forest ends
A cherished memory that it left behind
A path that took me to glorious lands
And showed me the beauty of nature’s design.

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