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Bedtime Poems For Kids – Sweet Dreams, Sleep Tight!

Dreamy Tales to Soothe Your Little Ones: Bedtime Poems for Kids

Welcome to 1LovePoems, where you’ll find a wide range of bedtime poems just perfect for little ones. We know how hard it can be to get those kiddos tucked in and ready for dreamland, which is why we’ve put together a collection of poems guaranteed to soothe and delight. From silly rhymes to gentle lullabies, these poems are sure to make bedtime a breeze. So cozy up with your little ones, and let the poetic magic begin!

Short Poems

1. Goodnight Moon
The moon drifts up in the sky so high
With its soft, gentle light
It bids the world sweet dreams
And tucks us in for the night

2. Sleepy Town
The streets are quiet, the houses dark
As everyone settles in bed
The town is hushed, the night is still
And the world rests its weary head

3. Bedtime Story
Snuggle up, let’s read a tale
Of dragons, knights and magic spells
The adventure will take us far
Until we drift into sleep’s sweet lull

4. Dreams
Close your eyes, let your mind roam free
To lands filled with wonder and glee
Of fairies and unicorns, mermaids and more
Where anything can happen and dreams never to bore

Medium Poems

Twinkle Little Stars

Twinkle, twinkle, little stars,
Up above the world so high,
I wonder what you truly are,
In the dark and distant sky.

Are you beings, bright and bold,
Who guard the nighttime realm?
Do you listen to our stories told,
And watch us at the helm?

Twinkle, twinkle, little stars,
Your light brings such delight,
Guiding us to dreamland afar,
In the peaceful realms of night.

So keep on shining, little stars,
And light our way to sleep,
With your magical, heavenly scars,
So gentle, soft and deep.

The Moon and Me

Oh, moon, oh, moon, up above the trees,
Your silver light guides me to my dreams with ease,
You glow so bright, in the silent sky,
A beacon of hope, that never seems to die.

Your craters and shadows, a mystery to uncover,
As I gaze up at you, and you gaze down like a lover,
You comfort me with your gentle light,
And soothe me to sleep, through the night.

Oh, moon, oh, moon, your laughter so pure,
A guiding hand, that’s always sure,
In the darkest nights, when fears arise,
You remind me, there’s hope in my eyes.

So I’ll take comfort, in your patient gaze,
And know that my dreams are still ablaze,
As I drift off, to some far off sea,
And know that you’ll be watching, over me.

Long Poems

The Sweetest Dreams

As the sun sets and the stars appear,
It’s time for little ones to rest without fear.
The day was filled with laughter and play,
So now it’s time to end it in the gentlest way.

Brush your teeth and wash your face,
Settle under the covers in your favorite space.
Let your eyes grow heavy and your breathing slow,
As you drift off to dreamland where anything can grow.

Perhaps you’ll journey to a magical land,
Where talking animals and fairies stand.
The trees are purple, the sky is pink,
And candy canes grow tall instead of shrinks.

Or maybe you’ll float on fluffy clouds so high,
And chase chubby cherubs through the sky.
The world is filled with fluffy pillows and rainbows,
And the sunsets are more beautiful than the most elegant shows.

As you dream, let your imagination run wild,
Dance with unicorns, sing with the child.
You can do anything your heart desires,
As long as you dream and let the magic transpires.

So close your eyes and let yourself go,
Into the land of dreams that only you know.
This is the sweetest time of the night,
Where everything is perfect and everything is right.

Sleep tight, my little one, and never fear,
For tomorrow is a new day, bright and clear.
And when the sun rises and your eyes open wide,
You’ll awake filled with joy and all your dreams come alive.

Sweet Dreams

Close your eyes, my little one,
And drift off to dreamland’s fun.
The day is done, it’s time for rest,
All the ways you shone your best.

Think of all the things you did,
And all the ways you laughed and hid,
From the silly games we played,
To the books that we all read.

The sun has set, the stars are bright,
And the moon is shining like a light,
That guides you to a peaceful sleep,
Wrapped in blankets soft and deep.

Let your mind go free, my love,
And fly away like a dove,
And see the wonders that await,
Beyond the world you contemplate.

You’ll travel far and wide, you’ll see,
The most incredible sights to be,
From deserts hot to oceans blue,
All the things that thrill and awe.

And when you return, it will be,
To a world of love and harmony,
Where dreams are made and hopes come true,
And life is sweet, all because of you.

So rest now, my angel dear,
And know that I am always near,
To keep you safe and warm and sound,
And hold you tight all year round.

Sweet dreams, my little one,
Until the new day has come,
And we can start again anew,
With joy and laughter just for you.

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