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First Grade Fun: Playful Poems for Young Readers

Magical First Grade Poems: Capturing the Heart and Imagination of Young Poets

Welcome to 1LovePoems, where love and poetry collide! For our littlest poets out there, we have a special treat in store for you. We’ve compiled a range of first grade poems to tickle your fancy and warm your heart. From short and sweet to silly and fun, our collection has something for everyone. So sit back, relax, and let these first grade poems take you on a journey of love and laughter.

Short Poems

1. The Sun
Up in the sky so high,
Shining bright and warm.
Gives us light all day long,
The sun is a special charm.

2. Autumn Leaves
Red, gold and brown,
Falling from the trees.
Autumn leaves are everywhere,
Blowing in the breeze.

3. The Caterpillar
Crawling on his little legs,
Eating leaves all day.
The caterpillar is quite small,
But will grow big someday.

4. Rainy Day
Pitter, patter on the roof,
Raindrops fall so fast.
A rainy day is cozy,
One that will not last.

Medium Poems

Cheerful Sun

The sun in the sky shines so bright
Its rays reach us with such delight
It makes us feel so happy and light
This cheerful sun is quite a sight

It wakes us up with its warm embrace
And keeps us going with its fiery grace
The cheerful sun spreads joy all around
It’s a treasure that should always be found

So let’s enjoy the sun every day
And let its brightness light our way
For this cheerful sun will never stray
It’s here to keep us warm and gay

Fluttering Butterfly

Fluttering butterfly, so free and fair
With colors of the rainbow in its wings so rare
It flits and floats in the sun-filled air
A precious sight that’s always there

The butterfly lands on a flower so fine
And sips its nectar, oh so divine
The petals dance with the butterfly’s shine
Bringing magic to the garden’s design

Fluttering butterfly, how you inspire
With your grace and beauty that never tire
You remind us that life is a wondrous desire
And to live it fully, we must aspire!

Long Poems

The Magic Garden

In a corner of the park,
There’s a magic garden after dark.
With flowers that glow and trees that sing,
It’s a special place where dreams take wing.

The flowers are pink, purple, and blue,
And they sparkle like morning dew.
The trees sway to an enchanted tune,
And the grass shines like the full moon.

In this garden, creatures of all kinds,
Come to dance and unwind.
There are fairies, who flit and fly,
And unicorns, who gallop by.

But the most wondrous sight of all,
Is the wise old owl, who stands tall.
He’s the keeper of the garden’s secrets,
And he never reveals them to us mere mortals.

So if you ever visit the park,
Take a stroll after dark.
And if you’re lucky, you might just see,
The magic garden and all its mystery.

Adventures in First Grade

Off we go to first grade,
A whole new world to explore.
We’ll learn to read, write, and calculate,
And so much more!

Our days are filled with wonder,
As we play and learn together.
Our teachers guide us every step,
And make learning fun forever.

We’ll read about superheroes,
And travel to far off lands.
We’ll learn about the world around us,
And make new friends by holding hands.

In math, we’ll add and subtract,
And count all the way to ten.
We’ll learn about shapes and patterns,
And how to tell time with a pen.

In science, we’ll explore the stars,
And learn about plants and animals.
We’ll experiment with different things,
And discover the world is never dull.

In social studies, we’ll study maps,
And learn about different cultures.
We’ll learn about the history of our nation,
And how to respect each other’s customs.

So here we are, in first grade,
Ready to take on the world.
We’ll work hard and play hard,
And make memories that will last forever unfurled.

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