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Lebanon: Echoes of Beauty and Tragedy – Poems of Love and Loss

Echoes of Lebanon: Poems of Love, Hope, and Resilience

Welcome to our Lebanon Poems page on 1LovePoems! Here’s where we celebrate the land of the cedars with a collection of poems that range from whimsical to heartfelt, and everything in between. We bring you verses that sing of Lebanon’s beauty – from its snow-capped mountains to its turquoise Mediterranean coast. And we’ll also explore the country’s rich history, culture, and cuisine through our poetry. So whether you’re a born-and-bred Lebanese, an expat pining for home, or a traveler enamored with the country, we’ve got something for everyone. So sit back and enjoy our tribute to Lebanon in verse!

Short Poems

1. Beirut’s Beauty
The Mediterranean breeze,
With its salty tease,
Meets the cedar trees,
And kisses Beirut’s seas.

2. The Cedar’s Resilience
A symbol of strength,
For Lebanon’s defense.
Standing tall and dense,
The cedar’s resilience is immense.

3. The Phoenix of the East
Lebanon, a phoenix of the east,
Rising from ashes, her spirit never deceased.
Her people’s love, her only feast,
Lebanon’s beauty, never decreased.

4. Nostalgic Trip to Byblos
Walking through the ruins of time,
The stones speak of a rich history, sublime.
Byblos, the land of the oldest, the divine,
A nostalgic trip, a spiritual climb.

Medium Poems


Beirut, my heart fills with love
As I walk down your lively streets
Your bustling markets, your sounds and smells
Make my soul feel complete

Your history, your culture, your scars
All tell a story of resilience and strength
From the ancient Phoenicians to modern times
You’ve weathered storms of every length

But now you face a new kind of battle
As your people struggle to survive
Amidst political turmoil and economic woes
You still manage to stay alive

Beirut, I pray for your healing
For your people to rise above
To rebuild, to prosper, to thrive
And continue to fill our hearts with love

The Cedars

In the mountains of Lebanon
Stands a tree that’s born to last
The Cedar, proud and majestic
A symbol of our deep-rooted past

Its wood was used for Solomon’s temple
And for the ships of ancient trade
Its scent would waft across the hills
As it lent its beauty to the landscape

But the Cedars’ fate was threatened
As they were cut down for man’s needs
Until a group of conservationists
Fought for their protection and their deeds

Now the Cedars stand tall and proud
A testament to our love and care
As we work to preserve their legacy
And to ensure they’ll always be there

Oh Cedars of Lebanon, mighty and true
May you stand for eternity
As a symbol of our heritage
And our land’s great beauty.

Long Poems

The Cedars Still Stand

In Lebanon, so far away,
The Cedars stand tall, day by day.
Despite the wars and all the hate,
Their strength endures, a timeless fate.

They witnessed kingdoms come and go,
Romans, Crusaders, Ottomans too.
Though ravaged by war, famine and blight,
Their roots run deep, their form upright.

Their boughs once sheltered holy men,
Christians, Muslims, Jews and Zen.
They were the pride of the Phoenicians,
A symbol of power, their truest expression.

Their wood was prized for ships and homes,
Their scent and beauty known to roam.
Around the world, a symbol of pride,
For those who love them, a source of light.

The Cedars still stand, but they endure,
A precious gift, a living lure.
To those who seek their silence and peace,
Their rugged beauty will never cease.

And so we stand, in awe and grace,
In Lebanon, their rightful place.
A reminder of what we ought to be,
Strong, resolute, forever free.

Lebanon, My Beloved Land

Lebanon, my beloved land of great history,
A nation with diverse culture and beauty,
From the green Cedars to the Mediterranean Sea,
Your beauty is beyond compare, for all to see.

Oh, how you stand so proud and tall,
A steadfast pillar that never falls,
Through war and crisis, you emerge strong,
With spirit and determination, you belong.

From your ancient ruins to your modern feats,
Your story is one that never retreats,
You’ve seen kingdoms rise and fall,
Yet you stand strong, above all.

Your people, with passion and zeal,
Stand united, with hope and appeal,
For a better future, they strive and toil,
Their love for you, never ends or spoils.

Oh Lebanon, my heart and soul,
May your beauty and spirit forever unfold,
May peace and love envelope your being,
And may you always be, my beloved, enduring.

From your mountains to your valleys,
Your beauty is a sight of pure alleys,
From the snow-capped peaks above,
To the sandy shores you take pride to love.

From your bustling cities of Beirut and Tripoli,
To your quaint villages, so peaceful and holy,
You are a land of great diversity,
A land with a heart, full of unity.

Oh, Lebanon, my beloved land,
The land of my forefathers’ stand,
May you always shine, with brilliance and glee,
For you are the land of my destiny.

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