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You Are My Universe Poem – My Everything Poem

Author: Dean Adam

Of all my loves this is the first and last
Like a flower alone in the morning grass
You are my sun, my stars, my night and day
My daffodil, my rose, my sweet bouquet
You’re my sunrise, my sunset, to forever endure
My world, my life, my breath, my future
You’re my connection, my union, us together divine
My reason, my being, my temple, my shrine
You’re my universe, my heaven, my love eternal
My General, my Admiral, my Major, my Colonel
You’re my last Autumn leaf when the rest are gone
My girlfriend, my woman since ere I was born
You’re my light in the dark, my warmth in winter
My inspiration, my hope, my rock, my thinker
You’re my opera, my orchestra, my one and only song
My energy, my soul, my reason to stay strong
You’re my spirit, my essence, my body, my mind
My Venus, my Saturn, my planets aligned
You’re my fire when it’s cold, my warm morning breeze
My butterfly, my ladybird, my birds, my bees

You’re my beginning, my end, my seed that I sow
My start, my finish, my reason to grow
You’re my forest, my trees, my snow covered mountain
My nectar, my essence, my one gushing fountain
You’re my hopes, my pulse, the blood in my veins
My alpha, my beta, my omega, my aims
You’re my sea, my land, my babbling brook
My cries, my laughter, my lover, my sook
You’re my ocean, my river, my ripple on stream
My thoughts, my heart, for none else I need dream.
You’re my bad, my good, my sadness, my sin
You’re my Lyn, my Lyn, my Lyn, my Lyn.

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