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1LovePoems Presents: My Son’s Heartfelt Poems.

From the heart of a young poet – My son’s captivating verses

Welcome to our website, 1LovePoems! Today, we’re featuring a special collection of poems that are close to our hearts. These poems are written by a young and talented poet, none other than my son! Get ready to experience a range of emotions as you read through his masterpieces. From heart-wrenching love poems to hilarious limericks, we’ve got you covered. So bring a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy the ride. We promise it’ll be worth your while!

Short Poems

1. “The Summer Breeze”
The summer breeze blows sweet and light,
Kissing gently on my skin so bright.
Carrying whispers of far off lands,
Bringing peace to my heart and healing hands.

2. “The Dancing Leaves”
The leaves dance in the autumn air,
Bright colors swirling without a care.
A joyful, playful dance so free,
Nature’s beauty for all to see.

3. “The Night Sky”
The canopy of darkened sky,
Sparkling stars up high.
A peaceful, calming sight,
Grateful for this peaceful night.

4. “The Secret Life of Bees”
The busy bees buzz to and fro,
Working hard where few may go.
Finding nectar sweet and true,
Their secret lives are known by few.

Medium Poems

The Seasons

Spring brings the flowers,
Fresh and new, blooming hour by hour,
Summer sun reigning high and strong,
Days so hot, it feels like they go on too long.

Fall comes, and leaves turn gold,
Fire in the trees, and memories of old,
Winter blast, and snow starts to accrue,
Frostbite forming, at the tip of your shoe.

Seasons change, but one thing remains,
The circle of life, that’s all that sustains,
As we move through time, each one of us,
In our own seasons, in our eventual fuss.

The Painter

The painter puts the brush to canvas,
And starts to create, his vision in focus,
With colors and shades, he paints the scene,
A world of beauty, that’s never been seen.

An artist’s creations, are so unique,
A masterpiece, for all of us to seek,
A painting that tells us, so much more,
A deep meaning, it leaves us in awe.

With each stroke, a story unfolds,
A fairy tale told, to those so bold,
They see the world, with a fresh set of eyes,
A world of color, that’s full of disguise.

The painter, he brings his world to life,
A dream alive, in front of our eyes,
A world of wonder, so rare and unique,
A masterpiece of art, nothing short of a feat.

Long Poems

My Son’s Musings

In the morning, the sun rises high
My son wakes up with a yawn and a sigh
He stretches his arms, he greets the day
And starts his musings without a delay

He looks outside, to see the world
The trees, the birds, the wind that twirled
He marvels at the beauty of it all
And he knows that life is meant to enthral

Thoughts and ideas start to flood
As he thinks of things that are good
Of friends and love, of peace and joy
He knows that life is not a ploy

He picks up his pen, and his paper too
And he writes down all that’s in his view
The stories, the poems, the lyrics that rhyme
Are all part of his creative paradigm

In the evening, the night descends
My son takes a break, and he comprehends
The things he has done, the things he will do
He reflects on life, and starts anew

He knows that life is not a race
But a journey, full of meaning and grace
He dreams of things that are yet to be
And knows that he will achieve it, just you see

So, my son’s musings will never end
His creativity will always ascend
His words will touch hearts and inspire
And we will look at him, with admiration and fire.

A Journey Through Life

Life is but a journey, fleeting and finite,
We take it one step at a time, day and night,
We start as babies, innocent and pure,
And grow into adults, wise and mature.

Along the way, we face many a challenge,
Some bring joy, others make us derange,
We learn from our mistakes, and strive to do better,
And in the face of adversity, we become tougher.

We experience love, in all its forms,
From the love of a parent, to the love of a swarm,
We learn to give, and we learn to receive,
And through it all, we learn to believe.

We make friends, some stay, some go,
And as we grow older, some drift away slow,
But the memories remain, etched in our heart,
And the bond we formed, remains a work of art.

We explore the world, with wide-open eyes,
We marvel at its beauty, and its endless skies,
We seek adventure, and we seek knowledge,
And every step we take, we earn a badge.

We face setbacks, and disappointments galore,
And at times, the path ahead seems unsure,
But with grit and determination, we carry on,
For life is a marathon, and we have to stay strong.

We face the inevitability of death, sooner or later,
But until that day, we strive to create a crater,
In this world, with our deeds and our choices,
And leave behind a legacy, that echoes our voices.

So, my son, as you take your first steps in life,
Remember, it’s a journey full of strife,
But with love in your heart, and courage in your soul,
You will conquer all, and reach your ultimate goal.

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