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Motherly Love: Poems of Gratitude and Admiration for our Second Moms – 1LovePoems

A Collection of Heartwarming Mother Poems: Celebrating Unconditional Love and Endless Gratitude.

Welcome to our page dedicated to “My Other Mother” poems! Here, we’ve compiled a range of touching and poignant pieces that capture the unique bond between a child and a maternal figure who may not be blood-related. Whether it’s an aunt, grandmother, stepmother, or even a close family friend, there are countless women out there who have stepped up to fill the role of a loving and caring mother in someone’s life. So, take a scroll through our selection of heartwarming poems and celebrate the special women who have had a profound impact on your life. And who knows, maybe you’ll find the perfect words to express your gratitude and love for your “other mother.”

Short Poems

1. “The Woman Who Raised Me”
The woman who raised me wasn’t bound by blood,
But her love and care flowed like a never-ending flood.
She taught me lessons that shaped who I am,
And I thank her every day for being my second mam.

2. “Thank You, Mom I Chose”
My mom is more than just a word,
It’s a title earned, not just conferred.
And though she isn’t related by blood,
Her maternal love fills my heart with a warm flood.

3. “A Mother’s Love”
A mother’s love is pure and true,
A guiding force to help you through.
It’s not limited by mere DNA,
And the bond will never fade away.

4. “To My Second Mother”
To my second mother, I give thanks,
For all the love, care, and sincere hugs and pranks.
I may not have been born to you,
But you’ll always hold a special place in my heart, forever true.

Medium Poems

1. “A Mother’s Love”
A mother’s love is like no other,
It’s pure, unconditional, and true.
It lifts you up when you’re down,
And carries you through when you’re blue.

It’s a warm embrace on a cold day,
A soothing voice when you feel astray.
It’s a guiding light when you’re lost,
And a safe haven when the world feels like a cost.

A mother’s love is a precious gift,
And we’re blessed to have it in our life.
No matter where we go, or what we do,
Her love will always see us through.

2. “The Empty Chair”

The empty chair sits at the table,
A reminder of who’s no longer able
To share a meal, to laugh and talk,
To hold our hand, to take a walk.

We miss you dearly, dear mother,
Our hearts are heavy like no other.
But we find solace in knowing,
Your love for us will keep on glowing.

In memories, we’ll always have you,
Your smile, your touch, your words so true.
And though we can’t see you with our eyes,
We feel your presence in the skies.

The empty chair may be gone,
But your love in our hearts lives on.

3. “My Other Mother”

My other mother, you are special to me,
You came into my life so unexpectedly.
You showed me love, kindness, and care,
And helped me through my moments of despair.

You listened to my stories, my joy and pain,
And never judged, or tried to explain.
You simply held me, hugged me tight,
And made everything feel alright.

You may not be my birth mother,
But your love for me is like no other.
You are my friend, my mentor, my guide,
And I’m forever grateful to have you by my side.

So here’s to you, my other mother dear,
With gratitude, love, and a heart so sincere.
May your life be filled with joy and bliss,
As you’ve given me so much happiness.

Long Poems

A Mother’s Love

Growing up, I had one mother by birth
But I was lucky to have another on earth
She wasn’t related by blood or DNA
But to me, she was family in every way

She was my mother’s best friend from school
Their bond was unbreakable, an unwritten rule
And when my own mother passed away
My other mother vowed to always stay

She held my hand through the grief and pain
And promised to love me again and again
She taught me life lessons my mother couldn’t
And gave me unconditional love, as she should

When I needed advice or just a listening ear
My other mother was always near
She celebrated my achievements, big and small
And comforted me whenever I’d fall

She was there for every milestone of my life
From my first steps to college strife
She was the shoulder I cried on when I got dumped
And the one who danced with me when I got pumped

She cheered me on at each finish line
And reminded me that I was divine
She gave me a home away from home
And never let me feel alone

She showed me what true love is
And never judged me for my flaws or fizz
She saw my potential before I did
And never gave up on me or hid

She was my other mother, but so much more
She was the angel who opened every door
She gave me the gift of her heart
And helped me become who I’m proud to be a part

I’m grateful for her love, her wisdom, her grace
And for the smile on her face
My other mother will always have a special place in my heart
And nothing will ever tear us apart.

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