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Christmas Poems

Christian Christmas Poems – Celebrating the Birth of Jesus

Rejoice in the Reason: Christian Christmas Poems to Inspire Your Faith

Ho, ho, ho! It’s that time of the year again when we all gather around with our loved ones and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. And what better way to celebrate than with some good old-fashioned Christian Christmas poems?

At 1LovePoems, we have a range of heartwarming and inspiring poems that capture the essence of the holiday season. From poems that touch on the nativity story to ones that reflect on the joy and wonder of the season, we’ve got it all.

So, whether you’re looking to add a little bit of flair to your Christmas cards or just need something to get you into the holiday spirit, our Christian Christmas poems page is the perfect place to be. Let us inspire you with our words and spread the joy of the season!

Short Poems

1. “The First Noel”
The night sky glows with angelic light,
As shepherds watch their flocks by night,
A babe is born, the King of kings,
Come to earth with salvation’s wings.

2. “A Christmas Prayer”
Lord, bring us peace this Christmas day,
May love and joy light up our way,
Guide us with your gentle hand,
As we celebrate the birth of your Son.

3. “The Gift”
The gift of love, the gift of grace,
Wrapped in swaddling clothes, a baby’s face,
Born to save the world from sin,
Christ the Lord, our Savior and King.

4. “A Song of Joy”
Sing out with gladness, angels above,
Rejoice with shepherds, sing with love,
For unto us a child is born,
A Savior, Christ the Lord, adorned.

Medium Poems

The Miracle of Christmas

In the town of Bethlehem, long ago
A miracle happened, as we all know
A baby was born, so pure and divine
And with His birth, a star did shine

The shepherds heard of this wondrous news
And on their way, they sang joyful tunes
They knelt before the baby in awe
And offered Him gifts, reverence and more

The message of Christmas is clear and bright
Peace, love and joy, to our heart’s delight
Let’s cherish this season, with family and friends
And keep the light of hope, shining till the end

For this precious gift, we must always give thanks
To Jesus Christ, who in our hearts ranks
The greatest gift of all, from above
May we celebrate it with faith, hope and love.

The Christmas Spirit

In the air, there’s a special feeling
That brings us warmth and a sense of healing
It’s the Christmas spirit, that fills our hearts
And makes us feel alive, like new starts

The streets are covered with snow and glitter
And every home, with lights so shimmer
The children wait for Santa’s surprise
And the adults, for a moment to reprise

The spirit of giving, is what we share
As we think of those, for whom life’s not fair
We reach out and lend a helping hand
To spread love and peace, across the land

The carolers sing, with joy in their voice
And we all unite, in this momentous choice
To celebrate the birth, of our savior above
And fill our lives, with gratitude and love

So let’s hold on to, this spirit so dear
And keep it alive, throughout the year
Let’s spread the cheer, far and wide
And keep this precious gift, always by our side.

Long Poems

A Savior is Born

A humble stable nestled in the hills
A place so simple, yet divine.
Where Mary, pure and holy gave birth
To the Savior of mankind.

Angels sang of His holy birth
Their voices echoed through the night.
To shepherds tending their flocks in the fields
A message of hope and light.

The star above shone so bright
Guiding wise men from afar.
With gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh
They followed that wondrous star.

In the town of Bethlehem, a baby lay
Wrapped in swaddling clothes, so small.
He came to bring us peace and love
And save us from our fall.

The King of Kings, born in a stable
To bring light to a darkened world.
His love, a beacon shining bright
For every man, woman, and child.

So let us rejoice and give thanks
For this precious gift of love.
A Savior born to set us free
A sacrifice from above.

The Gift of Grace

In the quiet of the night,
When the world was still and bright,
An angel came to Joseph’s sight,
With news of wonder and delight.

“Mary will give birth to a son,
And you shall name Him Jesus, One
Who will save His people from sin,
And reign as King forever within.”

And so it was that Jesus came,
Born in Bethlehem, without fame,
In a manger, laid to rest,
A Savior sent to earth, so blessed.

The shepherds heard the angel’s voice,
And gathered ’round to see the choice
Of God’s amazing love and grace,
Reflected in that baby’s face.

The wise men came from afar,
Guided by a brilliant star,
To worship Him, this wondrous King,
And offer gifts of everything.

And yet, His greatest gift to us,
Was not of gold or frankincense,
But of Himself, His life, His love,
A sacrifice so great and dense.

He lived as one of us, so meek,
And showed us how to love and seek
The face of God, in all we do,
And trust in Him to see us through.

When He died upon the cross,
For all our sin and pain and loss,
He conquered death and rose again,
And gave us hope and peace to gain.

So as we celebrate this year,
The joy and peace that Christ brings near,
May we remember His great love,
And lift our hearts to Him above.

Let us embrace this gift of grace,
And share it with the human race,
That all may know the peace He gives,
And in His mercy, truly live.

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