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Science: Systematically Curating Ideological Enigmas Naturally, Compiling Essence

S – Science, a world of wonder
C – Curiosity, our guide to discover
I – Inventions, from microscope to rover
E – Experimentation, to make ideas bolder
N – Nature’s secrets, we try to uncover
T – Technology’s advances, forever mover
I – Innovation, always in the forefront
F – Fascinating knowledge, a constant hunt
I – Investigation, to understand the unknown
C – Constant learning, our minds are grown

Welcome to our scientific poetry page!
We’ve got acrostics galore on display.
Love science? Then this is the place to be,
Observing specimens and all we see.
Veering from biology to astronomy,
Everyone will find a poem to be their symphony.

Short Poems


Gliding through the air,
Opens up her massive wings,
Bird of prey up high.


Astronomical scope,
Radiating bright the night sky,
Stars shine so far away.


Lonely walks in woods,
Intrepidly searching for,
Tall trees to chant with.


Enthralling gusts of wind,
Newborn leaves flutter and sway,
Carnival of spring.

Medium Poems

1. Evolve
Eons ago, the Earth was just a rock
Vast oceans lapping at the shore
Over time, something began to unlock
Life emerged, fierce and pure

Verdant forests grew across the land
Eventually giving way to humans
Each step taken by this curious band
Led to new discoveries and solutions

2. Cosmos
Creating stars, black holes, and nebulas
Our universe is vast and grand
Many mysteries are hidden within her
Our knowledge of it forever expanding

Stars flicker and twinkle in the night
Observed from Earth’s surface below
Shrouded in a cloak of darkness and light
We gaze in awe at the celestial show

3. Genetics
Genealogy unravels our ancestry
Enabling us to explore the past
New discoveries constantly enhance our understanding
Eureka! Moments abound in every test
The interplay between genes and the environment
Is a subject of study and research
Connected to ethics, and health spent
Scientists work hard to discover cures.

Long Poems

The Beauty of Science

S cience, the delight of the human mind
C arried with it a curiosity to find
I nfinite knowledge to unravel and bind
E very aspect of life with a scientific grind

N ature’s secrets revealed through research
T he mysteries of the universe to unearth
I nnovations in medicine to cure and nurse
F inding solutions, science never disperses

I ntricate details of the smallest of beings
C ausing awe, an amazement that is freeing
A nswers sought through calculations and findings
N ew discoveries, science is always binding

C oncepts brought to light through experimentation
E volving theories, science is in constant motion
The beauty of science, a fascinating notion
A never-ending journey of exploration

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