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Terrific Turtles: Poems Celebrating these Magnificent Creatures

Slow and Steady Wins the Race: Turtle Poems for the Heart and Soul

Welcome to our turtle-themed poetry page on 1LovePoems! Here, you’ll find a collection of delightful verses about our shelled friends. From slow-moving creatures to curious wanderers, our poems capture the many quirks and qualities that make turtles so lovable. Whether you’re a turtle aficionado or just looking for some light-hearted poetry, we’ve got you covered. So sit back, relax, and enjoy our charming assortment of turtle poems!

Short Poems

Slow and Steady
Slow and steady, the turtle goes
Walking on his tiny toes
With a shell on his back so strong
He walks through life, never wrong

A Home on My Back
A shell on my back, my home always with me
As I travel through land and sea
With a steady pace, I wander and roam
Till I find a place I can call home

Hidden Away
In his shell, he hides away
Away from danger, he can stay
But when danger’s passed, he’ll emerge
And continue on his journey’s verge

The Ancient One
Old and wise, he lives so long
With a history rich and strong
The symbol of patience and grace
In his slow and steady pace

Medium Poems

1. “Slow and Steady”
A turtle creeps along the ground,
Its pace is steady, never bound,
It carries its home upon its back,
A quiet, peaceful life it does not lack.

2. “The Wise Old Turtle”
A wise old turtle lives by the pond,
Its life is long, its years beyond,
It knows the secrets of the earth,
Its wisdom grows with each new birth.

3. “The Lonely Turtle”
A lonely turtle wanders in the sand,
It looks for love but finds no hand,
Its eyes are sad, its heart is longing,
For someone to share its life’s belonging.

Long Poems

The Turtles of Time

In ancient waters, they first did swim,
The turtles of time, with shells so dim.
Their leathered skin, so aged and wise,
As they drifted beneath the seas of guise.

With slow and steady pace they moved,
Through the currents that they proved,
Each one with its own path to tread,
As they swam through the blue and red.

Over time, they grew to thrive,
Surviving in oceans, to stay alive.
Their shells, a symbol of old,
As they drifted to secrets untold.

For years, they lived a peaceful life,
Free of stress, free of strife.
With fins that crafted movement so grand,
The turtles of time, on their journey did stand.

Through the ages, they never changed,
As through civilizations, they did range.
Their homes, Earth’s waters so vast,
As the turtles of time, remained steadfast.

No matter the threat, they never feared,
For their strength, our human world revered.
Their wisdom, unmatched and refined,
As they floated through oceans, so blind.

With each age, they inspire anew,
To remind us all, of what we knew.
That though time passes, and we may change,
The turtles of time, forever remain.

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