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Aging and Death

Scattering Ashes: Poems to Honor Your Loved Ones

In Loving Memory: Poems to Say When Scattering Ashes

Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy, especially when it comes to scattering their ashes. But with the right words, you can honor their memory and find peace in the process. At 1LovePoems, we have curated a collection of poems that are perfect for scattering ashes. From heartfelt verses to lighthearted ones, our selection has something for everyone. So, whether you’re looking for a solemn tribute or a witty farewell, be sure to check out our page to find the perfect poem for your occasion.

Short Poems

1. Farewell to the Wind

With a gentle sigh,
You leave us behind,
Lost to the world,
But free to soar high.
Your ashes, now scattered,
Will ride the wind’s tide,
And take you away
To your final, peaceful rest.

2. Ode to the Earth

As we lay you to rest,
Back to the Earth once more,
Your spirit will live on,
The soil, now enriched,
Will flourish and grow,
For even in death,
You’ve brought life to us all.

3. Remembering You

Though you’re gone,
You’ll never leave our hearts.
Your memory, forever ingrained,
Will stay with us, never to depart.
As we scatter your ashes,
We’ll say goodbye,
But know that you’ll always be,
A part of our lives.

4. Embracing the Sea

Today, we let you go,
To the arms of the sea,
The waves, now your eternal home,
Where you’ll forever be free.
Though we’ll miss you dearly,
Our love for you remains,
As we watch you sail away,
To endless, peaceful plains.

Medium Poems

1. “The Wind Will Carry You”:
As we scatter your ashes to the wind,
We know that you will forever ascend.
You were loved and cherished while you were here,
But now your spirit is free to roam without fear.

May the wind carry you to distant lands,
To places you’ve never been with your own hands.
May it take you to the sunset’s golden hue,
And you will be at peace, we know it’s true.

2. “The Ocean Will Embrace You”:
As we set your ashes adrift on the sea,
We know that you will forever be free.
You loved the ocean with all your heart,
And now it will be your final part.

May the waves take you to places unknown,
To depths that we will never be shown.
May the sun sparkle and dance on the waves,
And you will forever be one with the ocean’s grace.

3. “The Mountains Will Stand For You”:
As we scatter your ashes amongst the mountains,
We know that you will remain forever enshrined.
The mountains were your home, your solace,
And now they will be your eternal palace.

May the peaks reach up to the sky,
May the clouds disperse as you fly.
May the earth forever hold you dear,
And you will always be near, never far.

Long Poems

Letting Go

We gather here today,
Heart heavy and with tears in our eyes,
To scatter the ashes of our beloved one,
To bid them farewell and say goodbye.

We feel the weight of their absence,
The emptiness in our hearts and souls,
As we look upon the dust of their remains,
The memory of them forever imprinted in our roles.

Yet, as we stand here in this moment,
We are reminded of the beauty of life,
Of the moments we shared with our loved one,
Of the joy, the laughter, and the strife.

We are reminded that life is fleeting,
A fleeting moment, just like the breeze,
But the memories we created together,
Will forever be held, cherished, and decreed.

And so, as we scatter these ashes,
We are letting go of our loved one,
But we are also releasing them,
Into the endless cycle of life, the great beyond.

May their spirit soar high in the sky,
May their gentle presence linger still,
As we continue to honor their memory,
With every thought, every word, every thrill.

For though they may be gone from this earth,
Their spirit lives on in our hearts,
And we know that one day we will be reunited,
In the timeless realm, never to be apart.

So let us say our final goodbyes,
With humble hearts and solemn grace,
And let us hold onto the love we shared,
The memories that time can never replace.

For though we scatter these ashes today,
Their essence will forever remain,
In the love we hold and the memories we cherish,
As we live on with hope and without refrain.

Farewell our beloved one,
Until we meet again in a better place,
You will forever be a part of us,
A cherished memory, a warm embrace.

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