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Abuse and Recovery

Drug Addictions: Dark Shadows Within

Captivity of Addiction: Poems Confronting the Path of Drug Dependency

Welcome to our collection of poems about drug addictions! If you’re looking for an honest and heartfelt reflection on the struggles of addiction, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got a range of poems that touch on everything from the initial temptation to the painful consequences of addiction.

Don’t worry, we won’t be preaching at you or trying to scare you straight. Instead, our poems offer an empathetic and often wryly humorous perspective on the ups and downs of the addict’s journey. Let’s face it, life is hard enough without adding drugs to the mix – but that doesn’t mean we can’t find a little bit of poetry in the chaos. So sit back, grab a cup of tea (or something stronger, if that’s your preference), and explore our collection of poems about drug addictions.

Short Poems

1. “In the Depths of Addiction”
My mind is a haze, my body a shell,
Drugs have a grip on me, I’m living in hell.
I crave and I need, can’t function or feel,
This endless cycle, it’s all too real.

2. “The Loneliness of Recovery”
I’m trying to break free, to turn my life around,
But the loneliness is crushing, and the silence, profound.
Without my crutch, I’m lost and afraid,
Wondering if I’ll ever find my way.

3. “The Highs and Lows of Relapse”
I thought I was strong, I thought I was free,
But temptation crept in, and it took hold of me.
The rush was intense, the highs were unreal,
But the crash was brutal, and the pit was too deep to feel.

4. “The Hope of Sobriety”
One day at a time, I’ll walk this path,
Feel the wounds, heal the scars, and embrace the aftermath.
It’s a tough journey, but it’s worth the fight,
My sobriety, my freedom, shining bright.

Medium Poems

Chasing the Dragon

Chasing the dragon, a deadly game,
Stokes the fire of an eternal flame.
With every inhale, and every exhale,
Life’s passion burns, and sanity fails.

The dragon beckons with promises of bliss,
But its lure is a trap, you can’t resist.
Once hooked, it’s impossible to break free,
As addiction takes over, and life’s agony.

The dragon reduces your freedom and your will,
Leaves you lost, with an empty soul, until
There’s nothing left, but a hollow heart,
A life wasted, in a sad, lonely part.

Chasing the dragon, the risk isn’t worth the prize,
A life of regret, and endless goodbyes.
Don’t dare to play this game, it’s not worth the cost,
Choose life without addiction, and never get lost.

Drowning in Substance

The sinkhole of addiction pulls me down,
This substance abuse has me almost drowned.
I didn’t see the danger; it wasn’t clear,
What seemed like an escape has snared me here.

I thought it would help me put off the pain,
But it only magnifies the hurt, I feel insane.
With every hit, I fall further down,
And every hug, my soul gasps and drowns.

It’s a risky habit, and I’m in too deep;
I’m fighting the urge, a battle too cheap.
I can’t swim in this toxic sea forever,
I need a life preserver, a way to sever.

The substance takes me to a place I never knew,
But this hamlet of sorts, is an ocean without a view.
I need to break the spell, find a better cure,
Through help, I can find a way, and rise, restore.

Long Poems

The Depths of Addiction

I’ll take one pill, two pills, three,
Just to ease the pain that’s inside of me.
I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try,
But now I can’t escape its lullaby.

The high I chase, so temporary,
Leaves me feeling less than merry.
I take more and more each day,
But the emptiness just won’t go away.

My life spirals out of control,
I lose sight of my goals and my soul.
My family pleads, my friends intervene,
But I’m lost in the grips of this machine.

The lies I tell, the things I steal,
All to feed this addiction, this unreal.
I don’t recognize myself anymore,
My reflection just a stranger to the core.

I’m trapped in this cycle, this endless game,
Where the highs are fleeting and the lows bring shame.
I want to break free, to regain control,
But the depths of addiction have taken their toll.

So I’ll fight and I’ll claw my way out,
Even if it means I’ll scream and shout.
I won’t let this demon continue to win,
For there’s a life out there waiting to begin.

The Abyss of Addiction

I have found myself in the abyss
Of addiction’s dark and endless abyss
I did not choose this path, I did not want this fate
But now it holds me, and it won’t let me escape

It started out small, just a little taste
But it soon consumed me, became my only chase
I would do anything, anything to feel that high
But as time went on, it became harder to try

The drugs took over, they controlled my every move
I didn’t know how to live, I didn’t know how to groove
My life fell apart, my family and friends all gone
But the drugs were all I had, they kept me going, they kept me strong

I tried to quit, I tried to break free
But the withdrawal was too much, it was killing me
The cravings consumed me, they made me weak
And I found myself once again, back on the streets

My body is frail, my mind is weak
I find myself lost, and unable to speak
The drugs have taken everything, the drugs have won
And I am left here, with nothing, and no one

So don’t make the same mistake, don’t follow my path
Don’t let addiction take hold, don’t give in to its wrath
Stay strong, stay steady, and never give up the fight
Because one hit, one taste, can change your life overnight.

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