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Anorexia Poems: Starving for Love and Life

A Silent Hunger: Poems About Anorexia and the Struggle to Be Thin

Welcome to our page dedicated to poems on a topic that affects a lot of people around the world – Anorexia. While it is a serious and complex issue, we’ve tried to approach it with a moderately witty tone in some of our poems. We hope that these poems provide comfort to those who are struggling and help spread awareness about this mental health condition. Our collection features a range of poems that capture the emotions and experiences of those who have battled with anorexia. Take your time and explore our collection. We hope you find something that resonates with you.

Short Poems

1. “Empty”
Starvation leaves a hollow shell
Bones jut out, a prison cell
Wasted away, nothing left to tell
A body trapped in an anorexic spell

2. “Control”
Fingers curl around a cup of tea,
A sense of power surges through me,
As I deny my hunger, fiercely
I control my body, completely.

3. “The Demon Within”
Hunger pangs gnaw and twist,
The demon inside can’t resist,
It whispers lies, twists and flips
An anorexic mind under its grip.

4. “Breaking Free”
My body aches, weakened by disease
But I realize what I have to seize
Freedom from this anorexic tease
And a life of abundance, filled with ease.

Medium Poems

The Hunger

The hunger inside grows stronger each day,
Whispers of self-loathing never go away.
Counting every calorie, measuring each bite,
The scale determines if I’m doing it right.

Friends and family voice their concern,
But I can’t bear to see my body turn,
Into something that’s larger than before,
My mind trapped in a self-made war.

The hunger rages like a wildfire,
Until I’m nothing but skin and bone, a wire.
I know I need to stop, to seek help,
But the hunger is all I’ve ever felt.


I see myself in the glass,
And I flinch, I curse, I pass,
Judgment on every inch and curve,
Desperate to change and preserve.

The mirror is a foe,
A constant reminder, you know,
Of every flaw and imperfection,
Fueling my need for perfection.

The image I see isn’t me,
It’s a distorted, cruel parody,
A prison of my own making,
Of which I’m always aching.

I long for freedom from this reflection,
To see myself with love and affection,
Instead of the constant battle,
Between the mirror and my mental cattle.

The Empty Room

I sit in the empty room,
My tears falling like a monsoon,
Alone with my thoughts and fears,
I wonder, why am I even here?

The anorexia has stolen my life,
Taken away my joy and strife,
The only thing left is the hunger,
A never-ending loop; it’s all I remember.

I’m tired of hiding in the shadows,
Of feeling like I’m on borrowed,
Time, because I know I’m fading,
But the anorexia keeps me raiding.

This empty room is my safe space,
But it’s also the only place,
Where I can face my demons and fight,
To find my way back to the light.

Long Poems

Trapped in the Mirror

I am the shadow of the girl that once was,
Lost in a maze that nobody can see,
Trapped in a mirror that reflects my flaws,
Feeling like a stranger even to me.

The voice in my head is a constant pain,
Whispering lies that I have come to believe,
Telling me that food is my enemy, my bane,
That I am only worthy when I starve and achieve.

I count calories like a prisoner counts days,
I avoid food like it’s poison for my soul,
I measure my worth by the number that stays,
On the scale, the lower, the more in control.

I am a slave to a distorted image,
A victim of a culture that glorifies thin,
I sacrifice my health, my joy, my privilege,
To fit in a mold that is impossible to win.

I am a daughter, a sister, a friend,
But my illness consumes every part of me,
It shatters my spirit, my hope, my will to mend,
Leaving me numb and hollow, unable to see.

The treatment is hard, the road is long,
But I refuse to let my illness win,
I will fight, with every breath, every song,
To reclaim my life, to find the real me within.

I may stumble and fall, I may cry and scream,
But I will never give up, never surrender,
For I am stronger than anorexia, it may seem,
And I deserve a life that’s worth living, tender.

So here I stand, bruised but not broken,
A warrior in a battle that’s far from done,
With every step forward, every word spoken,
I am one step closer to being free, to see the sun.

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