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Abuse and Recovery

Addicted to Pills: Poems of Despair and Hope

Painkillers: The Silent Abusers of Love

Welcome to our page dedicated to poems about addiction to pills. We understand that substance abuse is a serious issue, but we believe that using poetry to shed light on the topic can be both therapeutic and impactful. Our collection features a range of poems from various perspectives, including those who have faced addiction themselves and those who have witnessed it in loved ones. We hope our poems inspire empathy, understanding and awareness. So, whether you’re in recovery or simply want to learn more about this issue, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in with some moderately witty poems that explore the dark side of pill addiction.

Short Poems

Pill Poppin’ Mama
I pop pills to ease my pain
But the relief is all in vain
Addicted to the little white round
In a cycle of addiction, forever bound

The Comfort of the Pill
Pills are my comfort and refuge
In them I find solace and pledge
To a euphoria that transcends all else
Leaving me lost in a world of false wealth

The Temptation of the Pill
A devil in disguise, that’s what it is
Tempting me with its false promises
A temporary escape from my reality
Leading me deeper into depravity

Trapped in the Pill’s Grip
The pills have me in their grip
A prisoner of their seductive trip
My mind and body are now enslaved
To a life of addiction that can never be saved.

Medium Poems

1. “The Pill’s Hold”

This tiny pill, so small and round
Its power reigns, it knows no bound
I crave its comfort, its soothing calm
It dulls my pain, it’s my healing balm

But soon I need it, every day
It beckons me, I cannot sway
Its grip is tight, it won’t let go
It controls my life, it dominates so

I try to break free, but it’s too late
It’s addiction’s curse, a bitter fate
Oh, how I wish I never took that first pill
Now I’m trapped, under its will

2. “The Highs and Lows”

Ups and downs, that’s my daily grind
I pop the pills, to ease my mind
They lift me up, they make me soar
But soon I crash, my body sore

I need the pills, to keep me going
Their comfort, their numbing, always growing
I fear the day, I can’t get my fix
The thought alone, gives me a mix

Of dread and terror, of dark despair
What will I do, without the pills to bear?
But then, I think, maybe it’s time
To let them go, to start the climb

Out of this hole, this murky abyss
To break the chains, and start afresh
So, here I go, with each step brave
To leave behind, this pill addiction’s grave.

Long Poems

The Pill’s Embrace

I once found solace in its warmth,
A comforting blanket in a cold world,
As I let it take away the pain,
The agony of each day unfurled.

The pills became my saving grace,
My trusted friend in every plight,
But little did I know as I embraced,
Their grip would tighten with all their might.

At first, they eased my stress and strain,
Made every problem disappear,
But soon I was a slave to its reign,
With addiction’s grasp far from clear.

At night, I would eagerly await,
The sweet relief that would come,
But now there’s no escape from its fate,
And each day is worse than the last one.

The pills that once had calmed my mind,
Now leave me more alone and lost,
A constant struggle to unwind,
As the burden of addiction’s cost.

I watch as loved ones turn away,
And warmth turns to isolation,
A cycle that’s now here to stay,
As my addiction has trapped me in damnation.

But still I cling to the hope,
That someday I’ll break free,
From the pill’s seductive rope,
And once again, my soul will be free.

So let this be a warning, my friend,
To the dangers of addiction’s grasp,
For once it takes you by the hand,
It’s a struggle that will forever last.

The Scourge of the Pill

I once was happy, young and free
But now my life’s not what it used to be
It all started innocently enough,
But now I can’t get rid of this stuff

Pills, pills they’re all I crave
They’ve taken over, they’re my master’s slave
Temptation lurks at every turn,
I’ve lost control, and now I yearn

One pill, two pills, three or four
It’s never enough, I need more and more
The world seems brighter, less of a chore
But I’m spiraling down, deeper than before

I can’t tell anyone, it’s my secret to keep
The habit I hide makes me want to weep
I tried to quit, but the pain’s too great
Without my pills, I can’t concentrate

My mind is foggy, the world’s a blur
Without my pills, I can’t endure
I’m trapped in this cycle, day after day
Addicted to pills, in every way

I promised myself that I’d quit today
But it’s easier said than done, what can I say?
I’m lost in this addiction, with no way out
But I’m too afraid to scream or shout

The pills have taken my soul
Leaving behind an empty hole
I’m just a shell of what I used to be
A slave to addiction, a victim, a devotee

I can’t go on like this, it’s killing me
I want to be free, just to live and be
But I can’t do it without some help
Otherwise I’ll crumble and melt

The road to recovery is long and winding
But I’ll take it, one step at a time, with no hiding
I’ll fight this addiction with all my might
Until one day, I emerge again into the light.

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