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Phonics Poems: Fun and Educational Rhymes for Kids on 1LovePoems

Phonics Fun: Playful Poems to Help Your Child Learn to Read

Welcome to our phonics poems page! Here at 1LovePoems, we believe that learning phonics can be just as fun as reading poetry. That’s why we’ve compiled a collection of quirky, entertaining poems to help you master the art of phonics. From digraphs to diphthongs, we’ve got poems on all of it. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be entertained while you learn. Who said learning had to be boring?

Short Poems

1. “Phonic Fun”
Phonic fun is what we’ll do
Learning sounds and letters too
A is for apple, B is for book
Reading and writing, come take a look

2. “Silent E”
Silent E, so sneaky and sly
Changes words as it passes by
Mat becomes mate, kit becomes kite
Silent E, oh what a delight

3. “Consonant Blends”
Blends are cool, they make us smile
Two consonants, side by side
Sn, st, bl, and br
Together they make sounds galore

4. “Vowel Teams”
When the vowels come together to play
Different sounds they make each day
A and I, make the sound ay
O and U, make the sound oo-lay

Medium Poems

1. Silly Sam
Silly Sam loved to scamper and play,
But he didn’t listen to what his Mama would say.
He’d run around with his shoes untied,
And never stayed still, always on the inside.

One day he tripped and fell,
And hurt his hand so bad he could hardly yell.
Now Sam learned a lesson new,
Always tie your shoes, so you don’t fall too.

2. Goodbye, O
Goodbye, O, you make no sound,
And when you’re in words, you’re often found.
You sit between letters, round and complete,
Making words whole, they’re no longer incomplete.

But sometimes, the words just aren’t right,
And O must leave, no need to sight.
Goodbye, O, you’ll be back soon,
Making words whole, as if you’re a boon.

3. The Caring Cat
The Caring Cat was always there,
Offering comfort when no one would care.
She’d meow and purr, and sit by your side,
Even at night, when the world was dark and wide.

She’d snuggle up close, and lick your tears,
Just being there could banish your fears.
The Caring Cat was a gentle soul,
Who made the world a much better whole.

Long Poems

The Phonics Journey

Once upon a time, in a world of sounds and letters,
There lived a group of friends who knew nothing better,
Than to embark on a journey, to learn the phonics way,
And so they set off, to start their learning day.

They met a friendly frog who taught them all about ‘p’,
And then a buzzing bee who showed them how to sound out ‘b’.
Next came a chatty chicken, who clucked about ‘c’,
And then a bossy butterfly, who taught them all about ‘d’.

The journey continued, with new friends at every turn,
A playful puppy who showed them how to say ‘purr’,
A lively ladybug who danced about the letter ‘l’,
And then a sneaky snake who hissed about the sound of ‘s’.

But wait! There’s more, they’re not done just yet,
A jolly jellyfish who giggled at the sound of ‘j’,
A tricky turtle who gave them a run for their money with ‘t’,
And then a wise old owl who showed them how to say ‘ow’.

The journey was long, but the friends never grew tired,
They learned so much about sounds and how to be inspired,
By the magic of phonics, the power of the letter,
They knew they could read anything, any time, whenever.

And so the journey came to an end, but it wasn’t really over,
For the friends had discovered, a whole new world to uncover,
They could read stories, books, and even signs on the way,
Thanks to the phonics journey, they had learned to read and play.

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