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Web of Deceit: Intense Poems on the Pain and Confusion from Someone Who Manipulated You

In a world full of twists and turns, where trust can easily be broken, there lies a collection of poems that delve into the depths of relationships tainted by manipulation. These poems capture the raw emotions felt when someone you care for takes advantage of your vulnerability. From the subtle whispers of deceit to the overwhelming waves of betrayal, each poem exposes the harsh reality of being manipulated.

Amidst the pain and turmoil, these poems offer a glimpse of catharsis, allowing you to confront the wounds inflicted by manipulation. Through poetic verses, you’ll find solace in knowing that you are not alone in your struggle. Each word is a balm for your bruised soul, a reminder that you are stronger than the lies that have been woven around you.

So, dive into this collection with an open heart and a resilient spirit. Let the poems guide you through the labyrinth of manipulation, shedding light on the darkness that once clouded your vision. And remember, you are worthy of honesty and genuine love.

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Your manipulation, a shadow on your face,
A secret held, in every place.
In your deceit, I see the truth,
A heart that’s lost, a wasted youth.

Your manipulation, a burden you bear,
A shadow that follows, everywhere.
In your deceit, I see the truth,
A heart that’s lost, in the rain.

Your manipulation, a constant plight,
A shadow that haunts, day and night.
In your deceit, I see the truth,
A heart that’s lost, forever lost.

The Puppeteer’s Game
In your hands, I felt the strings,
Pulled and twisted by unseen things.
Your words, a web of dark deceit,
Turned my heart into defeat.

With every smile, a hidden snare,
Made my spirit unaware.
The puppeteer, with hands so sly,
Turned my truth into a lie.

In your control, I lost my way,
Questioning the light of day.
Your manipulation, sharp and keen,
Made my reality a distant dream.

Yet in your game, I found my fight,
To break free and seek the light.
The puppeteer’s game, once so tight,
Couldn’t hold me through the night.

The Deceiver’s Touch
Your touch, a mask of gentle grace,
Hid the lies in your embrace.
With every word, a twist of fate,
Turned my love into hate.

Your deception, a silent art,
Made a puppet of my heart.
In your hands, I danced and swayed,
Unaware of the games you played.

Yet in your lies, I found my strength,
To go the distance, to go the length.
The deceiver’s touch, once so near,
Turned to dust as I faced my fear.

Through shadows deep and webs unspun,
I found the truth in the rising sun.
In your manipulation, I found my way,
To turn the night into day.

Web of Lies
In the shadows of your gaze,
Lies a deceit that does amaze.
Each word you spoke, each trick you played,
Turned my trust to a dull shade.
Your manipulation, a haunting light,
Turned my brightness into night.
With every lie, every sigh,
You made my confidence die.
Your deceit, a cold wave,
In your presence, I am brave.
In your absence, I found my voice,
Learning to make my own choice.
Forever growing, forever true,
In your shadow, life renews.

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