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Tears and Rain: Poignant Poems About the Emotions Evoked by Someone Who Made You Cry

Tears shed, hearts heavy, and emotions raw. Dive into a collection of poems about someone who made you cry. Whether it be tears of joy or sorrow, these verses capture the essence of the pain or happiness that brought tears to your eyes. Explore the depth of emotions and find solace in the words that echo your own feelings. Let the poetry speak to your soul as you navigate through the turbulent waters of love and loss.

If you’re feeling nostalgic, check out our poems about someone you miss or if you need a good laugh, take a peek at our poems about someone who made you laugh. And remember, it’s okay to cry, for tears are the language of the heart.

Your tears, a shadow on your face,
A secret held, in every place.
In your sorrow, I see the truth,
A heart that’s lost, a wasted youth.

Your tears, a burden you bear,
A shadow that follows, everywhere.
In your sorrow, I see the truth,
A heart that’s lost, in the rain.

Your tears, a constant plight,
A shadow that haunts, day and night.
In your sorrow, I see the truth,
A heart that’s lost, forever lost.

The Tear Bringer
In your words, a sting so deep,
Turned my laughter into weep.
Your presence, like a stormy night,
Made my heart lose its light.

With every glance, a wound would form,
Turning calm into storm.
Your actions, sharp as morning frost,
Made my spirit feel so lost.

In your absence, tears would flow,
Like rivers where shadows grow.
The tear bringer, fierce and cold,
Turned my warmth into mold.

Yet in my tears, I found my way,
To turn the night into day.
Through sorrow deep, I rose anew,
Stronger for the tears I knew.

The Weeper’s Shadow
Your touch, a ghost, so cold and stark,
Turned my light into dark.
With every word, a silent scream,
Made my world lose its gleam.

In your eyes, a void so vast,
Turned my present into past.
Your presence, a shadowed hue,
Turned my joy into blue.

In tears, I found my silent plea,
To break away, to be free.
The weeper’s shadow, dark and wide,
Couldn’t dim my inner tide.

Through every tear, I found my fight,
To chase away the darkest night.
In sorrow’s grip, I found my way,
To turn the night into day.

Tears of the Heart
In the shadows of your gaze,
Lies a sadness that does amaze.
Each word you spoke, each careless glance,
Turned my joy into a trance.
Your presence, a haunting light,
Turned my brightness into night.
With every tear, every sigh,
You made my happiness die.
Your sorrow, a cold wave,
In your presence, I am brave.
In your memory, I found my voice,
Learning to make my own choice.
Forever growing, forever true,
In your shadow, life renews.

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