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Missing You Like Crazy Poems

Missing You Like Crazy

Author: Alice Garcia

Sometimes at night, 
when I lay down to sleep, 
I embrace myself, 
I start to think … 
Then I imagine 
that you lie beside me … 
hugs and kisses 
all over my body. 
I wish you 
could really be here, 
just to whisper, 
“I love you,” in my ear. 
I would turn around and say, 
“I love you, too.” 
But will it ever be true? 
So I turn around 
and I wonder some more, 
still wanting your embrace, 
so I close my eyes and picture your face. 
I fall asleep dreaming of you. 
In my dream it seems so true. 
It’s as if I can really feel 
your kisses against my lips … 
Then my eyes pop open 
and you’re nowhere to be seen, 
And I feel so lonely 
once AGAIN !!!

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