Cheesy Love Poems

Cheesy Love Poem
Poem by Scot Warren

Your eyes are sapphires
Your teeth are pearls
Your skin is gold
Your hair is silk
Treasures I wont need a map to find
You shine as bright as the sun
You flow as elegant as a willow in the wind
Your floral scent enters my nose and fills my heart
God’s masterpiece
Your are beauty and I am the beast
But whose to say life cant is a fairy tale?
In my mind anything can happen if love is involved


A Cheesy Love Poem
Poem by Steven Elsner

There is a feeling I can’t refuse
A love I won’t abuse
For without you I’m sure the sun wouldn’t rise
This love is such a surprise

I now understand cheesy love songs
Now that you have come along
These feelings won’t go away
I want to see you everyday

The rest can’t understand this
I’ve been hooked since our first kiss
The soft twinkle in your eye
Is what helps the dreariness go by


Source: Poemhunter


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