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Easter Stories and Poems for a Joyful Celebration

Celebrating the Resurrection: Easter Stories and Poems to Lift Your Soul

Welcome to our collection of Easter stories and poems! This page is hopping with a range of literary treats, from bunny rabbits and chocolate eggs to spiritual reflections and seasonal musings. Whether you’re looking for a fun read or a heartfelt verse, we’ve got you covered. So sit back, crack open a Cadbury Creme Egg, and enjoy these egg-citing Easter tales!

Short Poems

1. “Beneath the Blooming Cherry Trees”
Beneath the blooming cherry trees,
The Easter bunny hops with glee,
Hiding eggs in every nook and cranny,
For children to find, sweet and candy.

2. “The Last Supper”
Gathered around the table,
Jesus and his disciples share their last supper,
Breaking bread and pouring wine,
Their hearts heavy with impending doom.

3. “The Empty Tomb”
The women arrived at the tomb,
To pay their respects to the Lord,
But the stone had been rolled away,
And the tomb was empty as a cord.

4. “Springtime Renewal”
As winter fades into history,
And springtime blossoms anew,
Let us remember the sacrifice,
Of the one who made life anew.

Medium Poems

1. Renewal
Spring has sprung and so have I
The world is new, a brand new sky
The flowers bloom, the sun shines bright
Everything feels just so right

The birds they sing, a happy tune
And I can hear them from my room
The grass is green, the trees are lush
The breeze is warm, it’s all a rush

The world comes alive, once more
With color, joy, and so much more
The darkness gone, the light comes in
A new beginning can now begin

2. Easter Joy
Easter joy, do you hear it sing?
Time to celebrate new things
A world reborn, a brand new day
A time of love and love’s display

The eggs all bright and painted well
Hunting them makes hearts just swell
The bunnies hippity hop along
And children sing out their happy song

A time of spring and light so fair
A time of love beyond compare
Easter joy, it’s all around
So much love, to be found

Long Poems

The Resurrection

In the early morning light,
Mary Magdalene came to see
The tomb where Jesus lay,
But the stone was rolled away.

Confused and frightened,
She ran to tell the disciples,
Who came to see for themselves,
And found the tomb was empty.

But just as they were leaving,
Two angels in white appeared,
And said, “Why look for the living
Among the dead? He is not here.”

Then suddenly Jesus appeared,
Alive and well before their eyes,
And all their doubts and fears
Were dispelled by his words of love.

He walked and talked with them,
And proved to them beyond a doubt
That he had conquered death and sin,
And had risen from the dead.

And so we celebrate each year
The miracle of Easter morn,
And give thanks to God above
For the gift of his Son, reborn.

For Death no longer has the final say,
As Christ has risen to eternal life,
And we too can look forward
To glory in the world to come.

Easter Joy

In springtime’s sweet and gentle air,
A time of hope and love we share.
The earth awakens from its rest,
New life in every flower blessed.

The sunbeams dance upon the ground,
As nature’s symphony resounds.
And in this time of year, we find
The joy of Easter on our minds.

At dawn the church bells start to chime,
To mark the holiest of times.
We gather there to lift our voice,
To celebrate and to rejoice.

We sing of God’s enduring grace,
His love for us we can’t erase.
With grateful hearts we bow our heads,
And thank Him for the life He’s led.

We think of Jesus on that day,
And how He showed us the right way.
To live in love and hope and peace,
And to hold fast to His beliefs.

We think of all who’ve come before,
And of their faith we must implore.
To carry on the sacred flame,
And live a life that’s kind and tame.

From death to life, we see the sign,
A symbol of God’s love divine.
The empty tomb, the risen Lord,
His resurrection brings reward.

So let us sing with hearts of joy,
Our hymns and praises to deploy.
And may the light of Easter shine,
On all the world, and love enshrine.

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