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Fluttering Love: Mothers Day Butterfly Poems

Fluttering with Love: Mothers Day Butterfly Poems

Welcome to our Mother’s Day Butterfly Poems page! As we all know, butterflies are known for their elegance and grace, and they make for the perfect symbol to celebrate the most important women in our lives – our mothers. Here you’ll find a range of poems dedicated to mothers, all linked by the common theme of butterflies. We hope these poems will bring a smile to your face and warm your heart. So let’s spread our wings and take flight into the world of Mother’s Day Butterfly Poems!

Short Poems

1. “Flutter By, Mom”:
Butterflies are beautiful and free,
Just like the love you give to me.
On this special day, I want to say
Happy Mother’s Day, in every way!

2. “Wings of Love”:
I am your butterfly, Mama,
With wings that soar up high.
But without your love and guidance,
These wings could never fly.

3. “Rainbow Wings”:
I wish I had butterfly wings,
So I could fly to you on this day.
And shower you with love and joy,
In every vibrant hue and way.

4. “Butterfly Kisses”:
My butterfly kisses land on your cheek,
So gentle and soft, so loving and meek.
They whisper of a love that knows no end,
A love that’s pure, a love that bends.

Medium Poems

Fluttering Beauty

Butterfly wings, so delicate and light,
Fluttering in the sun, such a beautiful sight.
A symbol of transformation and grace,
Their colors and patterns, impossible to replace.

They dance in the breeze, like a ballerina,
So carefree and joyful, a true wonder of fauna.
They bring happiness and wonder to all,
A reminder to live life with a fluttering soul.

So let us celebrate the butterfly today,
For all the joy they bring, in their own special way.

Mother’s Butterfly Wings

My mother is a butterfly, wings so bright,
She takes flight and spreads her love with might.
Her colors shine like the sun in the sky,
And when I’m with her, I feel I can fly.

Her gentle touch is like a butterfly’s kiss,
And her smile uplifts me, bringing bliss.
She flutters through life with such care,
Guiding me with her wings, so fair.

I am grateful for my mother’s love,
The wings that lift me high above.
So on this day, I honor her grace,
And thank her for teaching me to embrace.

My mother, my butterfly, forever in my heart,
May her wings spread joy, never to depart.

Long Poems

Fluttering Wings of Love

Mother’s Day is a day to cherish
And honor the women we adore
It’s a time to recognize and appreciate
All the love they have in store

Mothers are like butterflies
Fluttering about with grace
Spreading their wings of love
In each and every place

Their wings are full of strength
As they guide us through life’s woes
Showing us the beauty in the world
And all the love that grows

Like a butterfly in a garden
Mothers make our lives bright
With their kind and gentle manner
And their brave and guiding light

Their love is like a butterfly’s kiss
Soft, gentle, and so sweet
And it’s embedded in our hearts forever
A memory we’ll forever keep

So, to all the mothers out there
We honor you with a fluttering wing
May your day be full of love and joy
And let your heart forever sing

Fluttering Love

On Mother’s Day, a butterfly floats by
With wings of grace, it soars up high
Its beauty captivates, its spirit free
A symbol of love from you to me

Fluttering its wings, it dances in the breeze
Its gentle presence brings me peace
It reminds me of my mother’s love
As gentle as the wings of a dove

Her love is like a butterfly’s flight
Soaring high, giving me delight
It spreads its wings, touching my heart
Her love for me will never depart

In her care, I’ve grown and learned
She’s been there for every turn
Her love, like the butterfly’s wings
Comforts and inspires all my dreams

On this special day, I send my love
To the one who taught me how to soar above
Thank you, mom, for all you do
My love for you is always true

So, on this Mother’s Day, I say
May your heart be filled with love in every way
May a butterfly flutter past
Reminding you of the love that lasts.

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