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Bridal Shower Poems and Quotes: Celebrate Love and Friendship with Heartfelt Verses

From friends to family, to the blushing bride-to-be, shower her with love and laughter with our bridal shower quotes and poems.

Welcome to our page of bridal shower quotes and poems! We understand how important it is to make the bride-to-be feel extra special, and what better way to do so than with the power of words? Whether you’re looking for a heartfelt message or a cheeky one-liner to make the bride blush, we’ve got you covered. Browse through our collection of poems dedicated to the bride and the love she’s found, along with some hilarious quotes to lighten the mood. From sweet and sentimental to naughty and nice, we have a range of options to suit every bridal shower theme and personality. So let’s get started and make this bridal shower a day to remember!

Short Poems

1. “Celebrating Love”
Together we gather to honor the bride
With laughter and joy, we’ll surely abide
Toast after toast, we’ll raise our glasses high
As we celebrate a love that will never die

2. “Advice for the Bride”
To the bride-to-be, we have some advice
To make a happy marriage, here’s our device:
Communicate often, and always with love
Treasure each other like a hand in a glove

3. “Friends Forever”
We’re here to celebrate the bride’s big day
And to show her love in our own special way
We’ll dance and sing and have some fun
Reaffirming the friendships that have just begun

4. “Gratitude and Joy”
We’ll shower the bride with love and delight
And bask in the glow of this special night
We’re grateful for the friendships we’ve found
And joyful for the love that’s still unbound.

Medium Poems

1. Name: Shower of Love

Ladies, let’s gather, sing and dance,
Let’s celebrate the bride’s last chance,
To revel in singlehood and reminisce,
And cherish memories that we will always miss.

Let’s pop some champagne and have some cake,
And share stories that will make us belly ache,
Let’s shower the bride with love and gifts,
As she embarks on a new journey without any rifts.

Let’s toast to the bride and her soon-to-be groom,
And wish them happiness that will never gloom,
May their union be blessed with joy and laughter,
And may they live happily forever after.

2. Name: Words of Wisdom

As the bride walks down the aisle,
Towards her partner with a beaming smile,
Let us shower her with words of wisdom so true,
That will help her in her marriage, see her through.

First and foremost, foremost, always communicate,
Defuse anger before it leads to hate,
Always listen and respect each other’s voice,
And give each other ample space to make a crucial choice.

Never let the fire fizzle out,
Keep the spark alive without a doubt,
Make an effort to show love every day,
In big ways and small, in your own special way.

Lastly, forgive and forget,
Leave regrets and grudges to sunset,
Always remember the reason you chose each other,
And hold onto love, like no other.

Remember these pearls of wisdom, always in your heart,
And your marriage will blossom like a fine piece of art.

Long Poems

A Bride’s Journey

From maiden fair to bride adorned,
A journey made with love and care,
A path through gardens, fields and streams,
To find a love that’s true and rare.

The road may wind and twist and turn,
And darkness sometimes block the way,
But love’s bright light will always burn,
And guide us to the light of day.

With family, friends and all our kin,
We walk with joy and hope and grace,
To reach that time when love will win,
And light will shine upon our face.

We’ll dance and drink and laugh and sing,
And share the joy that’s in our heart,
For love brings us such wondrous things,
And from that love we’ll never part.

So let us celebrate this day,
This journey that we all have known,
And let us cherish every play
Of love that’s grown and ever shone.

A Bridal Shower Blessing

As we gather here to celebrate
Our dear friend’s upcoming fate
We pause to offer words of prayer
For a love that’s truly rare

May your marriage be filled with joy
May your love never be destroyed
May you always stand by each other
Through every trial and every bother

May your home be filled with peace
May your bond only ever increase
May you laugh and dance and sing
And hold onto each other’s every ring

May your love be a guiding light
Through every wrong and every right
May it spur you on to greatness
And carry you through times of weakness

May you cherish every moment
And never take each other for granted
May your love be a never-ending story
Of grace, forgiveness, and glory

And so we bless you today
As you embark on life’s great way
May your love be a sweet reunion
Of two hearts, perfectly in union.

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