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Easter Blessings: Short Poems for Church Celebrations

Resurrection Joy: A Collection of Short Easter Poems for Church

Hop into Easter with these short poems perfect for church! At 1LovePoems, we’ve gathered a collection of Easter verses that range from light and funny to heartfelt and inspiring. Whether you want to send an Easter greeting to a loved one or share a message with your congregation, we’ve got you covered. So grab some chocolate eggs and join us for some Easter poetry!

Short Poems

1. Resurrection Day
He rose from the grave,
Defeating death’s sting.
Jesus, our Savior,
Makes our hearts sing.

2. Alleluia
Christ is risen!
Let the bells ring.
Alleluia, alleluia,
Let us all sing.

3. Easter Joy
Joyful hearts sing,
As we celebrate.
Jesus is alive,
And He is great.

4. New Life
Springtime flowers bloom,
New life in the air.
Jesus gives us hope,
And our souls repair.

Medium Poems

1. Resurrection Joy

Jesus came and died for us,
Gave His life upon the cross.
But on the third day, what a sight!
He rose up to bring us light.

His resurrection brings us hope,
Comfort, peace and grace bestowed.
Let’s celebrate with hearts so glad,
And give all praises to our Lord.

2. Easter Morn

The morning sun is shining bright,
Birds are singing with delight.
Flowers bloom in sweetest hue,
As we celebrate Easter anew.

Christ is risen from the dead,
He conquered sin and death – he said!
Let us raise our voices high,
In joyful praise and glorify.

Long Poems

Renewal of Life

Easter bells are ringing,
A new dawn has begun,
The sun rises in the east,
And paints the sky with golden fun.

The winter is now over,
And spring is in the air,
The trees all bud and blossom,
And everything is fair.

The resurrection of Christ,
Marks a time of great joy,
The celebration of Holy Week,
Is something no one can destroy.

As we gather in the church,
We sing and we rejoice,
For the grace of the Lord,
Is something we all can voice.

We reflect on our own journeys,
And ponder what needs to change,
We ask for divine guidance,
To help us in our range.

Let us be grateful for this time,
And the renewal it brings,
May we continue to grow in faith,
And let our hearts take wings.

For Easter is a time of hope,
Of love and new-found light;
A time to celebrate our Lord,
And bask in His eternal might.

A Joyous Easter

Christ has risen on this glorious dawn,
His love and grace forever gone,
He gave up his life on the cross,
So that our souls would never be lost.

With hymns and songs let us praise,
God’s mercy and unending grace,
Let us come together as one,
And thank the lord for all he has done.

The Easter lilies in full bloom,
Give us hope and dispel all gloom,
The bells ringing in the church tower,
Remind us of Christ’s mighty power.

Let us rejoice and sing,
Hallelujah to the risen king,
Rejoice in his love and salvation,
And spread joy and peace in every nation.

The Holy Spirit’s divine light,
Guiding us through every night,
May we follow his righteous way,
And live in his love every day.

May this Easter bring you joy and cheer,
May God’s blessings be with you near,
May your heart be filled with love and light,
And may you always walk in his sight.

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