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Jesus, Our Savior: Poems of Love and Faith – Inspirational poetry about the life, teachings, and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Savior’s Love in Verse: Poems About Jesus

Welcome to 1LovePoems, where we celebrate the power of love through the art of poetry. Today, we’re excited to share a collection of poems about Jesus that will uplift your spirit and nourish your soul. Whether you’re looking for a prayerful hymn or a cheeky rhyme, we’ve got you covered. From the manger to the cross, Jesus has been inspiring poets for centuries, and we’re thrilled to honor his legacy with our own creative expressions. So sit back, relax, and let these poems transport you to a place of peace and devotion. Who knows, you might even find a new favorite verse to add to your daily routine. Happy reading!

Short Poems

1. Savior
Oh Jesus, you are my Savior,
My guide through this life,
With you, I have found meaning,
A purpose in my strife.

2. Forgiver
Jesus, you are the forgiver,
The one who gives me grace,
You wash away my sins and failures,
And give me a clean slate.

3. Redeemer
Jesus, you are my redeemer,
You paid the price for me,
Your blood has washed away my shame,
Now I am free, I am free.

4. King
Jesus, you are the King,
The ruler of my heart,
I give my life to serve you,
To be a part of your art.

Medium Poems

1. Savior of the World

Jesus, Savior of the world,
Born in a humble stable,
His love for us unfurled,
With a mission nothing but noble.

Sacrificed for our sins,
On the cross, He bore the pain,
His forgiveness, every heart wins,
His grace, our lives will never be the same.

He rose from the dead,
Conquering death and sin,
With His love, we’ll be led,
To eternal life, we’ll win.

Oh, Jesus, Savior of the world,
With grateful hearts, we adore,
Your love, forever unfurled,
We’ll love and worship You even more.

2. The Good Shepherd

Jesus, the Good Shepherd,
Who leads us to green pastures,
His voice, calmly whispered,
His love, a bond that forever endures.

He knows each of his sheep,
And calls them by name,
He watches over them as they sleep,
His care, forever the same.

He leaves the ninety-nine,
To find the lost one,
He’ll never leave us behind,
His love, a constant sun.

Jesus, the Good Shepherd,
Our trust, in Him we place,
His love, forever offered,
His grace, we’ll forever embrace.

3. King of Kings

Jesus, King of Kings,
Ruler of the universe,
His love, forever sings,
His glory, forever diverse.

His kingdom, forever reigns,
His power, forever divine,
His mercy, forever sustains,
His love, forever a lifeline.

He came as a servant,
To serve and give His life,
His crown, forever observant,
His love, forever a strife.

Jesus, King of Kings,
His throne, forever above,
His love, a constant spring,
His grace, forever love.

Long Poems

Son of Man

Son of Man, born in Bethlehem,
In a manger, babe asleep,
Angels singing, shepherds kneeling,
Wise men bringing gifts to keep.

Growing up, in Nazareth,
Learning from his earthly father,
Carpenter by trade, but destined for more,
To be a prophet, healer, and gatherer.

He was baptized in the Jordan,
By John the Baptist, his voice was heard,
“This is my Son, the beloved,
In whom I am well pleased.” The Word.

He traveled the land, preaching and teaching,
Healing the sick, and feeding the poor,
Crowds followed him, disciples were chosen,
He revealed God’s love, grace, and more.

Miracles he performed, water to wine,
Walking on water, calming the storm,
Raising the dead, feeding the thousands,
He was the Messiah, the true reform.

But the religious leaders, they were threatened,
They plotted against him, tried to trap,
They accused him of blasphemy,
And sought to put him in the judge’s lap.

He was beaten and tortured,
Crowned with thorns, and mocked and scorned,
Given the cross, forced to carry,
He stumbled, faltered, but he was adorned.

He was crucified, between two thieves,
Nails through his hands and feet,
He cried out, “Father, forgive them,
For they know not what they do,” so sweet.

He died on the cross, but not for nothing,
He gave his life, so we could live,
He was buried in a tomb, but rose again,
Victory over death, he had to give.

He ascended to heaven, in a cloud,
Seated at the right hand of God above,
He intercedes for us, he is our mediator,
He sends his Holy Spirit in a dove.

Son of Man, our Lord and Savior,
Our Redeemer, our King, our friend,
May we follow in his footsteps,
Until our journey, here, comes to an end.

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