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Godly Inspirations: Poems About the Almighty

Divine Inspiration: Poems that Celebrate the Magnificence of God

Get ready to be blessed with some divine poetry! Our God-inspired collection of poems is sure to uplift your spirits and soothe your soul. Whether you’re a believer looking for inspiration, or a skeptic curious about the divine, we’ve got you covered. From traditional hymns to modern free verse, our range of poems about God covers all styles and perspectives. So take a deep breath, close your eyes, and let yourself be transported to a higher realm of thought and feeling. Who knows, you may even find a little bit of heaven here on earth!

Short Poems

1. “Divine Light”
In the darkness of my soul,
You came shining bright and whole.
Guiding me towards love and peace,
May your light never cease.

2. “Creator”
From the vastness of space
To the depths of the ocean’s grace,
All that I see and all that I know
Are but a fraction of your creative flow.

3. “Omnipotent”
In every moment and every place,
Your power is what I embrace.
With gratitude, I bow in awe
At the might of your infinite law.

4. “Everlasting Love”
In your embrace, I am complete,
Surrendering to your love so sweet.
Your grace and mercy know no end,
I am forever your faithful friend.

Medium Poems

1. “Divine Light”

In the darkness of despair
I saw a ray of light appear
It shone so brightly in my eyes
And filled my heart with great surprise

It was a light that brought me peace
And made all of my worries cease
The source of this light was clear
It was a gift from God, so near

And so I basked in its warm glow
As it banished every trace of woe
I knew then that I was not alone
For God’s love had clearly shown

2. “A Prayer”

In moments of deep distress
I turn to God and I confess
My sins and failures, and I plead
For mercy and for strength I need

I pray for guidance and for grace
To help me through life’s toughest race
And when the road ahead is hard
I trust in God to be my guard

For He is wise and kind and just
And in His love I place my trust
And though I may stumble and fall
I know that He’ll be there to call

3. “Nature’s Beauty”

The sun that rises in the east
The stars that twinkle in the night
The mountains high, the oceans wide
All speak of God’s creative might

For in each thing that we can see
There’s beauty, wonder, majesty
And in the colors of the sky
We catch a glimpse of heaven high

So let us pause, and let us praise
The One who made these wondrous days
And in the splendor of it all
Let us hear God’s gentle call.

Long Poems

He Who Holds the Universe

He who holds the universe in the palm of His hand,
Created stars and galaxies, all at His command.
A sovereign God who rules with power and might,
Yet offers grace and mercy in His perfect sight.

From the beginning of time, He breathed life into man,
Formed him from dust and according to His plan.
But sin entered in and shattered man’s purity,
So God sent His Son to bring us security.

Jesus, the Savior, born in a humble stable,
Lived a sinless life and was willing and able,
To take on our sins and die on the cross,
So that we could be reconciled, nothing lost.

But death could not hold Him, He rose victorious,
Defeating the enemy and all that’s nefarious.
Now seated on high, at His Father’s right hand,
He intercedes for us, according to His command.

And one day, He’ll return, with glory and power,
To gather His people, His chosen, His flower.
For those who’ve trusted in Him, there’s no need to fear,
For He who holds the universe, will always be near.

So let us praise and worship, our God and King,
For He’s the one who created everything.
And with hearts overflowing, with love and devotion,
We’ll give Him thanks in every emotion.

For He who holds the universe in the palm of His hand,
Is worthy of all honor and all the demanded,
From our lives yielded to Him, in every way,
Until that glorious day, when we’ll hear Him say:

“Well done, faithful servant, you’ve fought the good fight,
Now enter into my rest, in my kingdom so bright.”
And forever and ever, we’ll dwell in His presence,
A testimony of His love and eternal essence.

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