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Faithfully Devoted: Poems of Belief and Trust

Believing in the Unseen: Poems of Faith

Welcome to our Faith Poems page on 1LovePoems! Here, you’ll find a diverse range of poems exploring the topic of faith. From the religious to the spiritual, from the sentimental to the irreverent, we’ve got it all. So whether you’re a devout believer or a skeptic searching for meaning, we invite you to dive in and explore the many ways poets have grappled with faith throughout the ages. Who knows, you might just find a poem that speaks to your soul. Or, failing that, at least one that makes you crack a smile. Either way, we hope you enjoy our collection of faith-themed verse.

Short Poems

1. “Faith in the Storm”
Through wind and rain,
Amidst the darkest skies,
My faith rings true,
A beacon that never dies.

2. “The Light of Faith”
A glimmer of hope,
A flicker of light,
My faith guides me,
Through the endless night.

3. “In the Silence of Faith”
In the hush of morning’s dew,
Before the world awakes anew,
My faith deepens, pure and true,
As I am one with all that’s due.

4. “Trusting in Faith”
When life seems unclear,
I know that faith is near.
In every step, I hear,
The voice that calms my fear.

Medium Poems

Infinite Grace

Infinite grace, like a river flows
Through the valleys and the highs and lows.
It weaves through the mountains and the trees,
And carries us on its gentle breeze.

Infinite grace, like a warm embrace,
Holds us tight in its sweet embrace.
It whispers words of love and peace,
And fills our souls with sweet release.

Infinite grace, so pure and bright,
Guides us through the darkest night.
It leads us on to brighter days,
And fills our hearts with joyful praise.

Faith’s Light

Faith’s light, a beacon in the night,
Guides us on with heart so bright.
It shines a path through darkest days,
And fills our souls with hope and grace.

Faith’s light, a flame that burns so bright,
Illuminates our paths with light.
It casts out fear and doubt and pain,
And helps us rise and shine again.

Faith’s light, a source of strength and might,
Helps us face life’s hardest fight.
It gives us wings to soar and fly,
And fills our hearts with purpose high.

Long Poems

Trust in the Divine

In moments of fear and doubt,
when the world seems to shout
that all hope is lost and gone,
there is a foundation to build upon.

It’s a trust in the Divine,
a faith that comes from the sublime.
For though darkness may hover near,
there is a light that conquers fear.

It’s a light that shines within,
a light that illuminates from Him.
And though the road may be tough,
the Divine’s love will be enough.

So let us not fear what’s ahead,
but trust in Him who we’re led.
For through the ups and downs of life,
He’ll be there with us through strife.

And when the journey of life is done,
we’ll rest in His arms, forever one.
So let us hold fast to this belief,
and find solace in our relief.

For in trusting in the Divine,
we’ll find a peace that’s truly divine.

The Journey of Faith

Onward, upward, let us go,
On this journey we call life,
For we walk by faith, not sight,
Through struggle, pain, and strife.

As we journey on our way,
We often feel so lost,
But we must have faith each day,
No matter what the cost.

Faith is more than what we see,
More than what we know,
It’s trusting in the unseen,
That our faith may grow.

With each step we take in life,
We must trust in God above,
For He will lead us through the strife,
And fill our hearts with love.

Sometimes we may stumble,
And our faith may grow weak,
But we must remember to humble,
Ourselves and truly seek.

Seek the face of our great God,
And His plans for our life,
For in His hands we are awed,
To be guided through the strife.

So let us journey on dear friend,
With faith as our guide,
And trust in the One above,
Who will never let us slide.

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