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Church Easter Poems: Celebrate Resurrection with Inspirational Verses

Easter Poetry: Celebrate the Resurrection with Inspiring Poems for Church

Hop into the Easter season with some egg-cellent church poems on 1LovePoems! From heartwarming messages about the resurrection and the miracle of Easter, to shots of humor and inspiration, our collection has got you covered. Whether you’re looking for romantic prose to woo your loved ones, or religious verses to uplift your spirit, these poems will surely add a spark of magic to your Easter celebrations. So take a hop down the rabbit hole and find your perfect Easter poem today!

Short Poems

1. “Risen”
Risen from the dead,
Jesus conquered sin and death,
Eternal life ahead.

2. “Rejoice”
Let us lift our voice,
With grateful hearts let’s rejoice,
Jesus is our choice.

3. “Hope”
Through trials and strife,
Jesus brings eternal life,
In Him we find hope.

4. “Resurrection”
The tomb is empty,
Our Lord’s resurrection day,
Hallelujah, we say!

Medium Poems

Easter Joy

Easter joy is in the air,
Hope and love are everywhere.
Christ has risen, death defeated,
New life in Him, oh, so completed!

The tomb is empty, the stone rolled away,
Our Savior lives to this very day.
His sacrifice made, His love so true,
Easter joy, forever renewed.

Let’s celebrate with shouts of glee,
Our Savior lives, we are set free!
In His love we will always abide,
Easter joy, in us will reside.

A New Beginning

Easter time, a new beginning,
A chance to start afresh, living.
We are forgiven, washed clean,
Through Christ’s death, the victory scene.

The old is gone, we are new,
His grace has covered me and you.
Redemption found in His precious blood,
A new beginning, oh so good!

Let’s put off the old, embrace the new,
Walk in His light, this we’ll pursue.
A life of purpose, a life of joy,
Through His resurrection we will employ.

Easter time, a new beginning,
Christ has conquered death, amazing.
Let’s live for Him, our Savior, King,
A new beginning, our hearts will sing.

Long Poems

The Promise of Easter

The earth awakens from its slumber deep
As springtime blooms and gentle breezes sweep
The trees stretch forth their branches to the sky
And birdsong fills the air as time goes by

In every church across the land we hear
The story of the resurrection clear
Of how Christ died upon the cross for all
And rose again to answer every call

The tomb was empty, guarded by angels bright
The stone was rolled away to bring new light
His followers gazed in wonder and surprise
As Jesus appeared before their eyes

He showed them his wounds, that they might see
This was the man who died upon the tree
His promise of salvation filled their hearts
As they prepared to spread his message far

For all the world to hear and understand
The good news of redemption close at hand
The promise of Easter is with us yet
To fill our hearts with hope we can’t forget

So let us raise our voices high in praise
To the one who gave his life in selfless ways
Let’s celebrate with joy this holy day
And carry forth his message every way.

Resurrection Joy

Every year we gather here
To celebrate with joy and cheer
The resurrection of our Lord
Who by his death our sins restored

The women came to the tomb
Expecting to face only gloom
But they found the stone rolled away
And an angel with something to say

“Do not be afraid,” the angel said
For he who was dead is risen from the dead
They ran to tell the disciples the news
Their hearts filled with awe and wonder and views

Peter and John ran to the tomb
To see for themselves what had happened soon
They found the linen cloths lying there
But the body of Jesus was nowhere and rare

The disciples were amazed and confused
They didn’t know what to do or with muse
But then Jesus appeared to them all
And their doubts and fears began to fall

He showed them his wounds and scars
Proof that he had been dead in stars
But now he was alive and well
Conquering death and breaking hell

For forty days he stayed with them
Teaching, healing and preaching in hymn
Then he ascended to the Father above
Leaving the Holy Spirit as a dove

And so we gather here to say
Christ is risen! He is risen today!
Let’s sing and shout and give him praise
For he has saved us all in ways!

Let’s live in the resurrection joy
That nothing in this world can destroy
For one day we too will rise
To be with Jesus in paradise.

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