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Volley Ball Poems – Volleyball Poems

by vallery mitchell

fun, active
enduring, never-ending, hitting
hard, work, sweat, fight
running, gasping, jumping
loveable, hardcore


Tiana 123abcimhawaiian

I hit the ball over the court
I bend my knees and wait for it
It comes to me
I spike it back
Its my sport
Its Volleyball


by Lisa Zhao

As that ball,
gets served over the net,
my heart pounds,
as I get ready to hit.
First, the passer,
then the setter goes,
then comes my turn,
to hit the ball.
A perfect pass,
an amazing set,
now it’s up to me,
to get it over the net.
My hand touches the ball,
I bend my joint,
boom! Everyone cheers,
I scored a point.


Fivb Volleyball World Cup

Giba, Hugo Conte, Jimmy George, Josef Musil…
thrilling names in the mind,
smashing hit volleyball spikes, defense
enchanting moments keep ever in the heart,
days like waves take me in wings
petals of joy dancing around of me.


by Sarah Anthofer

The definition of a team, as defined by Webster is a group of people working or playing together…But those who have ever been a part of one, a truly great one, know that there is a much deeper meaning to that one word. Working together is merely the surface of it. Being part of a team is hard work, sweat, tears, and giving 110% of yourself,100% of the time, to reach one common goal.
*A team cannot be found; a team can only be built.
What starts as strangers, neighbors, friends, or enemies must be built from the ground up and eventually shaped into a well-oiled machine. It is not an easy task, nor an easy journey, but it can be shared among all who eventually come together and grow together. It’s the kind of team that will inevitably find success together.
*A team cannot be lead; it can only be guided.
A good coach knows that waiting for a leader to arrive is not effective. A good coach must build a leader. They must tear that player down to their undermost self and then build them back up as an athlete that is shaped out of discipline, instruction, and confidence. When those players are turned into leaders, and those leaders turn into competitors, a coach has accomplished all that they can. The rest will eventually fall into place.
*A team cannot be broken; it will always persevere.
What cannot be achieved by one must be taken on by many. Each athlete with their own roles; teams are composed of individuals, but their success is determined by their unity. A player competes and can be defeated; a team battles and can overcome.
*A team cannot reach perfection; it must always continue to grow.
Players reach their goals; teams meet their goals face to face and continue forward. A disaster can be constructed into a marvel, but what is admired can quickly fall to pieces. The road is never smooth and the path is never straight. A player can fall or lose the way;
a team carries on and never stops searching. For a team, there is no unreachable level, there is no end, there is no limit.
*A team cannot be duplicated; it is one of a kind.
Teamwork is a structure of strength that is reinforced by smaller connections among the individuals that make it up. It is friendship and trust. It is finding out just what it means to lay it all on the line, leave everything on the court, and to dig deep within to reach your goals as one. New members will join, and others will eventually leave, but the team will always remain. The bonds formed, the progress made, and the success that was achieved will live on long past the season’s end.
*A team cannot be defined; it can only be experienced.
It is a season that you won’t ever forget, a goal you never thought you could reach, and memories that will never be replaced. Success is demonstrating dedication, skill, strength, and heart; but teamwork is finding each of those qualities in each other. A team is built, guided, and one of a kind. A team will never stop growing, and it will never stop succeeding. A team is simply, irreplaceable.

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