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Unrequited Love Poem

Unrequited Love
by Joline Gordon

Look into my eyes
And tell me what you see
Can you see through to my soul?
My vulnerability?
I am naked and exposed
With you now knowing how I feel
To be around you is difficult
And sometimes a little too real
I want to run away and hide
Somewhere I can’t be found
Where I can cry myself to sleep
And in my sorrow I may drown
I cannot free my heart
Of these feelings I have for you
They only seem to intensify
No matter what I do
I tell myself to stop
And it’s not worth all this grief
But I am not able to accept a lie
In my heart I do not believe
I am hoping over time
This attraction will fade away
My only fear is that it doesn’t
And forever it will stay
How do I be a true friend?
When I just want to hold you tight
I dream that you will change your mind
And finally see the light
Until then I will disregard you
As anything more than just a friend
For what good can come from a relationship
That inevitably must end

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