Something Wicked This Way Comes Poem

Poem by Debra DeVeney

Hear his footsteps, for you, he comes.
Step, Step, Step, faster your heart drums.
His fingers screech along the wall,
through the front door, down the hall.

Frozen in place against your will,
your heart beats even faster still.
In your head a scream just hums.
Something wicked this way comes.

Louder are his steps as he gets near,
heart pounds harder with growing fear.
In your throat, screams are caught.
Wants you, came for you, you he sought.

Hear him breathing louder than before,
he’s standing outside your bedroom door.
Tap, tap, tap, hear the tapping of his thumbs.
Something wicked this way comes.


Source: Poemhunter


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